Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2016 Exhibition: A "Triumph" For Eva Funderburgh

One needn't be a potter to understand the remarkable accomplishment that has arrived in The Island Gallery for this month's First Friday Artwalk.

Ceramic and bronze sculptor Eva Funderburgh has come up with an astonishing installation, entitled "Triumph"; we will discuss it a bit further below, but first let's take a look:

"Triumph" (full procession, horizontal)
"Triumph" (full procession, vertical)
The following are close-ups of several of the individual pieces,
all of which are stunning in their detailing, and as we always
see with Eva's creatures, the amazing expressions and attitude of each
one of the charming Beastie characters shines through:


Spoils (nuts and berries)

Spoils (bones)

And last but hardly least, the happy Dictator himself:


A little information and history:

All pieces are crafted of wood fired porcelain, stoneware and leather.
The Full Procession: Eleven separate pieces, some comprised of
more than one Beast and accoutrements.
Dimensions, full procession:  8' long x 1.5' wide x 8" tall.
Sold as the complete installation.
(Pricing information can be found here.)

A Roman Triumph (originally from the Greek thriambus) was a spectacular,
propagandistic military parade which took place in ancient Rome.
After a significant victory, the returning general would parade in front of
the civilians, presenting the conquered people as slaves and prisoners,
and displaying captured loot.

Some early Roman scholars trace the first Roman Triumph and the "kingly"
garb of the "Dictator" or "General" to Romulus, first king of Rome, around
the time of the city's founding in 753 BCE.

This piece, started and completed in 2015, depicts the end of the
generations-long conflict between the Elk Beasts and the Ram Beasts.

Any similarities to events of 2016 CE are purely - if oddly - coincidental.

To visit this piece and its individual components
in the online shop click on the above images.

This installation appears in the December 2016 Exhibition
Beneath Still Waters: New Work by Eva Funderburgh,
opening on First Friday, December 2nd,
running daily through December 31st.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

You're Invited: First Friday Artwalk, December 2, 2016

Well, do we have a rare holiday treat for you!  Two art shows - yes, TWO! - for the jolly season that is finally here.  And to sweeten the treat, not only is it time for our 11th Annual Wearable Art Show, featuring clothing and wearables from local, national and internationally-recognized artists, but we welcome a bevy of Beasts, care of the ever-creative force that is ceramic and bronze sculptor Eva Funderburgh.

Read on!  You'll see why we're so excited about these shows.  Then come to downtown Winslow on First Friday for the Artwalk, the lovely new Wearables (outerware, jewelry, hats, cozy tunics, to name but a few), a sip of wine and a nibble or two, and meet the Whimsical, Wonderful, Glorious Beasts:

December 2 – 31, 2016

Beneath Still Waters

New Work from
Eva Funderburgh

Bronze and wood fired ceramic sculptures, featuring the beloved
whimsical forest and aquatic creatures for which this
remarkable artist is best known.

In the front gallery:

11th Annual Wearable Art Show

Textile and jewelry creations from our talented designers.
Agnieszka Kulon from Kreatia, Chicago.

Reception with the Artists:
First Friday, December 2nd, 6-8 pm

In concert:
Ranger and the Re-Arrangers

Above Left:  The Peril of Beauty. Cast bronze with patina. 5" x 11" x 10".  Eva Funderburgh
Above Right:  Snowflake Necklace.  Christine L. Sundt

About the Artists:

Eva Funderburgh (Seattle, Washington)

A sculptor whose work ranges from clay to bronze to installation work, the movement and emotional content of Eva’s work stands out, regardless of the medium.

Technically a Seattle native, Eva grew up in Kansas and Pennsylvania.  She then attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Science and Art, with focuses on chemistry and sculpture. Not long after graduation she made her way back to her birthplace of Seattle with her partner, Ben.

In Seattle, Eva has worked with other wood fire potters and sculptors, becoming part of the regular crew on two local anagama kilns, Santatsugama and Ochawangama. In 2006 she teamed up with five other artists to create Florentia Clayworks, a small cooperative clay studio. She has also been involved with the Pratt Fine Art Center, first as a student, and then starting in 2014 as a teacher in their Foundry program, where she regularly teaches Introductory Bronze casting.  Because of Eva’s background in chemistry, she is especially fascinated with patinas for bronze.

In 2010, Eva spent five weeks as an artist in residence at the Guldagergaard Center for Ceramics in Skaelskor, Denmark. This inspired her to increase the complexity of her work, leading to both larger sizes and more nuanced emotional content in her sculptural pieces. This residency also proved to be the start of a renewed interest in installation work:  she now has pieces in a permanent installation in a Seattle school, as well as temporary installations in various galleries and a museum. Her work also graces private and public collections on four continents and in twelve countries.

Nowadays, Eva conducts workshops in sculpting in clay, bronze, and installation, besides continuing her own work in all three areas as well.

Now, say hello to a few of these wood fired Beasts:

Wood Fired Beasts, Six or So.  Eva Funderburgh
 Charming?  Yes indeed!

Christine L. Sundt (Eugene, Oregon)

A jewelry artist and metal worker from Eugene, Oregon, Christine’s lovely,  modern creations have graced the Gallery’s shelves (and customers!) for many years.  We are delighted to include her green holiday Snowflake necklace in this season’s artwork for our 11th Annual Wearable Art Show.

Snowflake Necklace (detail).  Christine L. Sundt

Christine’s words speak to the essence of her craft:

"Pieces of metal, faceted or natural stones, colors, textures around me are the forces that help me shape and make my one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. I draw inspiration from art and nature, but seldom start with a firm idea of what the outcome will be. My drawings are merely records of thoughts rather than plans or patterns. Works come together on my workbench as elements find each other through proximity, association, and chance."


Agnieszka Kulon (Chicago)

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Agnieszka Kulon is a fashion designer and photographer who currently lives in Chicago, USA.  As a designer with her own unique, individual approach to fashion, Agnieszka specializes in creating one-of-a-kind garments, paying particular attention to details.  She has had the opportunity to show her line in many venues in Chicago such as the MCA, Merchandise Mart, Polish Museum of America, Rosemont Theater, Chicago Cultural Center, and Zhou B Art Center, as well as across the United States.  We welcome her to The Island Gallery!

Black with Color-Stitching Wool Tunic.  Agnieszka Kulon for Kreatia
Warm and snuggly; Fabulous!

About the Musicians:

Ranger and the Re-Arrangers (Bainbridge Island, Washington)

THE GENRE:  The band plays "Gypsy jazz" or “hot jazz”, created by and named in honor of Django Reinhardt, Europe's acclaimed composer and guitarist. In the 1930s, Django and violinist Stephane Grappelli blended their own musical legacies with the new American art form of jazz.  Soon their recordings brought international fame to the genre. Gypsy jazz is characterized by upbeat, high energy swing on acoustic instruments, especially guitar, violin, bass, clarinet, and accordion. The band’s repertoire appeals to everyone who enjoys swing standards, traditional Gypsy jazz songs, and world music originals.

THE BAND:  Violin:  At the heart of the band’s sound is the sweet violin playing of RANGER SCIACCA, who began playing violin at the age of six. He divided his studies between old-time fiddle and classical violin until a chance encounter with a CD of violin jazz ignited Ranger’s interest in the music of Joe Venuti, Stuff Smith, Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. Ranger’s playing draws from all the genres he has studied and, according to one reviewer, “features frantic staccato runs and an overall sense of tone that reveals many shades and moods.”

Mandolin:  DAVE STEWART performs on the 5 string electric mandolin, tenor guitar, and traditional mandolin. He's also a tremendous vocalist, lending his silky-smooth voice to swing standards!

Bass:  MICK NICHOLSON played for 11 years with the US Navy Band in Washington, D.C. He has toured extensively throughout the world, and has performed for three sitting presidents and countless heads of state.

Percussion:  JEFFREY MOOSE.   Born in Mexico and raised in West Africa, Jeffrey is loved by fans for his creative, high-energy percussion and playful vocal performances. He is the director of the Jeffrey Moose Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

Rhythm Guitar:  MIKE SCIACCA  is Ranger's father, and has been backing up Ranger on guitar for over 15 years. Ranger and Mike are descended from Sicilian immigrants, who played jazz in New York at the start of the 20th century.

About The Island Gallery

Established in 2002, The Island Gallery features internationally recognized artists 
whose work takes traditional art forms in exciting new directions:
 wood fired ceramics from the finest potters in America; paintings and prints;
and unique jewelry creations. Our monthly exhibitions include live musical concerts,
featuring such genres as jazz, rock, folk, chamber music and performance art.
This, along with its reputation for excellence, makes The Island Gallery
a destination spot on beautiful Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle,
and steps from the new Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

Contact Us/Visit:

Event Location: 

The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E, #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Underground parking is available at The Winslow off Ericksen Avenue.

Frog Tailed Beast.  Wood Fired Ceramic.  Eva Funderburgh
 We can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holidays...Yes, They Are Upon Us!

To all our wonderful friends, customers, and families,
The Island Gallery sends warmest Thanksgiving greetings!
We hope you and your loved ones enjoy a day brimming with companionship,
good food, stories of grand times past, and hope for the future.


Coming up next:

Beneath Still Waters: New Work by Eva Funderburgh
and The Island Gallery's 11th Annual Wearable Art Show
Complete details will be posted shortly!