Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday Art Scoops, #1 - #14

Late last year we began offering our art lovers' series, Wednesday Art Scoops, in which we choose and present three items garnering particular attention in the gallery.  It is a subscribers-only feature, but we are excited to bring these amazing artists to a broader audience, including all archived and future publications.  That effort begins with this blog post, featuring The Island Gallery's Wednesday Art Scoops #1 - 14!

Featured Artists:  Carlo Scanagatta, Wearable Art; Marceil DeLacy, Wood Sculpture;
Mitch Iburg, Wood-fired Ceramics

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #2, 10/31/18, click here.
 Featured Artists:  Kathryn Lesh, Paintings & Prints; Bev Sokol, Jewelry; Jeffrey Hummel, Furniture

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #3, 11/7/18, click here.
Featured Artists:  Ken & Ingrid Hanson, Art Glass; David, Wearable Art;
Carl Yurdin & Tom Johnson, Furniture, Textiles
To view Wednesday Art Scoops #4, 11/14/18, click here.
Featured Artists:  Tiplin Taylor, Utensils; KT Hancock, Art Glass; Mark Strayer, Ceramics

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #5, 11/21/18, click here.
Featured Artists:  John Spivey, Furniture; Begona Rentero, Jewelry;
Warren Pollock & Jack Lenor Larsen, Furniture

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #6, 11/28/18, click here.
Featured Artists:  Warren Pollock, Paintings & Prints; Christine L. Sundt, Jewelry;
Delores Fortuna, Ceramics

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #7, 12/5/18, click here. 
Featured Artists:  Dr. Mark Braun, Wood Sculpture; Dawn Endean, Paintings & Prints;
Janet Essa Elia & Tamra Fago, Wearable Art
To view Wednesday Art Scoops #8, 12/12/18, click here.
Featured Artists:  Peter Nawrot, Wood Sculpture; Laura Hunter, Wearable Art;
Jen Till, Paintings & Prints
To view Wednesday Art Scoops #9, 12/19/18, click here. 
Featured Artists:  Tamra Fago, Alexis Abrams, Maggy Pavlou, Maria Cao, Wearable Art, Jewelry;
Julie Powell, Robin Hominiuk, Christine L. Sundt, Jewelry; Ted Jolda, Robin Hominiuk,
Delores Fortuna, John Neely, Reid Schnoover, Carter Smith, Art Glass, Ceramics, Textiles

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #10, 1/9/19, click here.
Featured Artists:  Sean Carleton, Wood Sculpture; KT Hancock, Art Glass;
L. Wendy Dunder, Furniture/Lighting

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #11, 1/16/19, click here. 
Featured Artists:  Jacki Moseley, Fiber Sculpture; Renee Jameson, Paintings & Prints;
L'FINA, Wearable Art (Handbags)

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #12, 1/23/19, click here.
Featured Artists:  Robin Hominiuk, Wood-fired Ceramics; David Berger, Paintings & Prints;
Christine L. Sundt, Jewelry

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #13, 2/6/19, click here.
Featured Artists:  Lisa Wederquist, Paintings & Prints; Robin Hominiuk, Wood-fired Ceramics;
Ana Lisa Hedstrom & Laura Hunter, Wearable Art

To view Wednesday Art Scoops #14, 2/12/19, click here.
Featured Artists:  Viola Pace Knudsen, Fiber Sculpture; Virginia Paquette, Jewelry;
Isnia & Begona Rentero, Wearable Art, Jewelry

Please Note:

We would be remiss indeed if we didn't highlight the art work
featured above in our Scoops logo.
Looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?
Shown at top of page:
Marceil DeLacy, "Lunch?".  Ice cream cone
Alaskan yellow cedar, black walnut and birch

The artist was recently featured in  KOMO online's
"Seattle Refined Artist of the Week"

Click on links to view this very special work of art and more of Marceil's wonderful work!

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