Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bainbridge Island Musicians' CDs Available

There are so many amazing people in the Bainbridge Island community, not only our marvelous artists and prolific writers, but also musicians, running the gamut from classical to jazz, through blues, rock, R&B... you name it, someone on this island writes/performs/records it.  We're happy to have a small but growing selection of CDs from a group of these talented folk currently available for purchase in the gallery (we ship, too, of course!).  Unless otherwise noted, all CDs are $15.00 (plus any applicable tax and shipping).  We hope to offer them in our online store, but in the meantime contact the gallery for further information (206.780.9500 or

Peter Spencer

Currently Available:

Peter Spencer: The Blues Concert

Peter Spencer:  From The Island

Peter Spencer:  1896

Fingerpicking guitar, blues, original compositions.

Ranger and the Re-Arrangers
Currently Available:


Gypsy Jazz, traditional and original compositions.

Beau Metro Quartet

Currently Available:

Beau Quartet: Music of George Andrix, Arthur Bachmann, and Carlos Gardel

Violin, viola, cello. Classical, chamber music.

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