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You're Invited: First Friday Artwalk, July 7, 2017

Fresh from downtown Winslow's annual Fourth of July Parade and its dizzying (and fun!) accompaniments, the Gallery offers a reflective exhibition dedicated to printmaking, featuring three Bainbridge Island artists.  Put us on your calendar, then stop by for a sip of wine, jazz on the Plaza, and extraordinary art.

Print Magic

Jan Branham ~ Pam Galvani ~ Shelley Minor

July 7– 31, 2017

Opening Reception:

First Friday, July 7, 6-8 pm

In Concert on the Plaza:



Earth Mark.  Pam Galvani
Girl in Garden.  Jan Branham
Garden 3.  Shelley Minor

About the Show:

Three artists bring unique perspectives to one-of-a-kind works incorporating printmaking and collage. Branham's figurative images, inspired by old Kodak snapshots, create new lives on paper.  Galvani's monotypes explore the ideas beyond legible words and text.  Minor's layered pieces reveal the complexities of nature and change.

About the Artists:

After retiring from a 35-year career as a public high school art teacher, Jan Branham  has become a full-time printmaker, working with several groups of printmakers on Bainbridge Island.  She is an active member of Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN).  Besides being involved in local print workshops Jan attends national conferences and symposiums, and is a member of the Southern Graphics Print Council, The American Craft Council, and Seattle Print Arts.

Presently I am involved in creating a body of work that I call "ANSISTERS".  My work incorporates collage and printmaking such as etching, linocut, woodblock, collagraph, as well as a mixing of media …The subject matter of my art is inspired by small snapshots that were taken in the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s.  Most of the photos were taken with a Kodak Brownie camera and are of relatives and close friends of my family.  I have chosen interesting individuals from these small snapshots … and then have created my own printed and collaged images that, I hope, have developed a new life of their own on paper.

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest twenty-five years ago, Pam Galvani and her family lived in   many parts of the United States; travel has thus played a major role in expanding her understanding of how art holds meaning across cultures.Her academic background combines studies in history and graphic design with an active studio practice in lettering and printmaking. She completed her MFA at Vermont College of Art in 2014. Her BA is in history, while her MAT is in history education.  For many years, she has taught history, calligraphy and English. Primarily a printmaker today, Pam has also been a calligrapher for 40 years, incorporating gestural marks into her work. Her art has been shown nationally and locally, including Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

I am a text-based artist. Inspiration for my work often begins with my reading or hearing words, phrases or stories that resonate with me. By abstracting the original text, my intention is to discover and reveal ideas that go beyond what legible words may communicate.  Each of the prints here is a monotype… I allow the process of making prints to structure my exploration into how meaning reveals itself.

Garden 3.  Shelley Minor
Shelley Minor grew up in rural western Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where nature brought her daily joy.  She now lives on Bainbridge Island.  Shelley has earned Bachelors degrees in art and landscape architecture from the University of Washington, and a Masters degree in education.  She now studies monoprint processes and techniques with printmaker Wendy Orville.  Her work has been shown in a number of local exhibitions, including at the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN).

Being in nature, and working to translate what I see, brings me a great deal of solace and peace … The blue iridescence on the inside of a mussel shell, calligraphy marks on green stones, the rough and liquid skin of trees, the tangled threads of vegetation - all are objects that sing to me…Each monoprint image is unique… The final​ image is the result of multiple printings, using combinations of plexiglass and collagraph plates, and various colors.​ ​ ​The multiple printing​ allows light, color, and pattern to build through the layers, creating an equivalent of the intricate complexities of nature.

Currently on Display at The Island Gallery

Sweet Entanglement.  Sean Carleton & KT Hancock

Sean Carleton (Bothell, Washington) and KT Hancock (Seattle, Washington)

Sean is a multi-disciplinary artist creating work in Bothell, Washington. KT is an emerging artist based in Seattle, Washington.  They have teamed to produce fascinating illuminated sculptures, created from glass and steel.

Sean and KT's work, including several new pieces, is currently on display in the Gallery.

Gem 7.  KT Hancock

About the Musicians:


Vintage American Music, Classic Jazz & Swing, the Hot Jazz of the 1920s, The Great American Songbook of the 1930s and ‘40s, Gypsy Swing - even Contemporary and Latin American styles - are showcased by the virtuoso guitarist Eric Bogart and the “rock-solid” rhythm back-up of Terianne Stratton on ukulele. The influence of the legendary Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, who won acclaim for his unique guitar styling in 1930s Paris, infuses every performance by Stringology with spirited excitement, passionate improvisation and pulsating rhythm that leaves every audience cheering - and wanting to come back for more. 
Stringology has performed in Seattle, Victoria British Columbia, Miami Beach, and can be seen regularly at many festivals and music venues on the Olympic Peninsula, which is now their home base. 

Established in 2002, The Island Gallery features internationally recognized artists whose work takes traditional art  forms in exciting new directions:  studio furniture and sculpture;  museum quality textile art  and wearables; wood fired ceramics from the finest potters in America; paintings and prints; and unique jewelry creations. Monthly exhibitions include live musical concerts, featuring such genres as jazz, rock, folk, chamber music and performance art.  This, along with its reputation for excellence,  makes The Island Gallery a destination spot on
beautiful Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle, and steps from the new Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

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The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E, #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Underground parking is available at The Winslow off Ericksen Avenue.

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