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You're Invited: March 2018 First Friday Artwalk - Black, White & Gray

It's still winter in the Pacific Northwest but for this March First Friday exhibition, the art is going to be hot!  We have an amazing show opening, highlighting the many, many colors of black, white and gray.  Stop down for a  relaxing evening of strolling the town, good company, and a sip or two of wine. 

Black, White & Gray

March 2-31, 2018

David Berger, Jan Branham, Wendy Dunder, Pam Galvani
Gary Groves, Renee Jameson, Kathryn Lesh
Jacki Moseley, Ayan Rivera

Introducing the contemporary basketry of
Dorothy McGuinness

First Friday Artwalk, March 2, 6-8pm


Clockwise from the top:
Ayan Rivera, Sweep. Sumi ink on paper
Jan Branham, Sleeping Woman.  Monoprint
Dorothy McGuinness, ZigZag.  Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, waxed linen thread
Kathryn Lesh, The Balcony.  Monoprint

About the Show:
Art in the many tones of Black, White and Gray.  Featuring monoprints from artists Jan Branham, Pam Galvani, Renee Jameson, and Kathryn Lesh; sumi painting from David Berger and Ayan Rivera; wood block prints from Gary Groves; and mixed media from Wendy Dunder and Jacki Moseley. Introducing the contemporary basketry of Dorothy McGuinness.

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(Mr. Groves appears courtesy of Roby-King Gallery.) 

About the Artists:

Bainbridge Island Artists:

Sleeping Woman

Jan Branham:  After retiring from a 35-year career as a public school art teacher, Jan has become a full time printmaker and is now an active member of the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN), Southern Graphics Print Council, American Craft Council and Seattle Print Arts. She is currently involved in creating a body of work that she calls “ansisters,” using small snapshots of interesting individuals taken in the 1920s-‘50s as inspiration to create her own printed and collaged images that have developed a new life of their own on paper.

San Miniato
Pam Galvani:  For many years, Pam taught history, calligraphy and English. Primarily a printmaker today, Pam has also been a calligrapher for 40 years, incorporating gestural marks in her work. She is inspired by reading or hearing words, phrases or stories that resonate with her and by abstracting the original text, she hopes to discover and reveal ideas that go beyond what legible words may communicate. She travels widely and her art has been shown nationally and locally, including Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

In the Clouds
Renee Jameson:  Renee is a monotype artist and currently the printmaker liaison for the BARN   (Bainbridge Artisan ResourceNetwork). Her work is represented in private collections in California and Bainbridge Island. She is inspired by the landscapes of Bainbridge and California, and tries to create a world that viewers can interpret and respond to in their own way. She considers herself an abstract artist and hopes to create a mood and atmosphere that will evoke an emotion or memory in the viewer.

The Balcony

Kathryn Lesh:  Kathryn is a printmaker who is obsessed with the drama of light and the construction of space, which are starting points from which she explores the line between the abstract and the figurative. Her images capture people and moments that are abbreviated and abstracted enough to invite broad interpretation.

Grape Vine Series #8
*Gary Groves:  Gary is a noted artist on Bainbridge Island (regularly showing at Roby King Gallery) and has exhibited woodcut prints widely in the Northwest and in NYC. He has pursued several different media including sculpture, ceramics, photography, painting and now prints, incorporating the accumulated skills and knowledge into his printmaking. He emphasizes the abstract aspects and uniqueness of each subject he is attracted to, enhancing qualities often not readily identifiable.

*Mr. Groves appears courtesy of Roby-King Gallery.

Ayan Rivera:  Moving from NYC to Bainbridge Island in 2016, Ayan has been actively pursuing sumi painting, after being inspired and taught by NYC artist Koho Yamamoto. He paints for the  brief moments when the eye, hand and brush move together without the mind and when letting go allows something else to move through. Ayan is also an accomplished chef, martial arts instructor and practices acupuncture on Bainbridge Island.

Now Imagine
David Berger:  (Seattle) – Moving to the Northwest from the East Coast, David’s career in art has spanned art criticism (Seattle Times), art curation (Center for Contemporary Art in Seattle, Bellevue Art Museum); and lecturer and juror (SAAM, King County and Washington State Arts Commission). He has been recognized for excellence in journalism and for writing Haiku; this year he published a book on Razor Clams: Buried Treasure of the Pacific Northwest. Over the past decade, David’s sumi paintings have been exhibited in many venues in both Seattle and Tacoma, winning a number of awards.

Dorothy McGuinness:  (Everett)  After studying with Jiro Yonezawa, a Japanese bamboo basketmaker and teacher, Dorothy became proficient in making Japanese-style baskets, particularly diagonal twills. Watercolor paper quickly became her medium of choice and she has since combined her knowledge of traditional bamboo techniques with paper techniques. What most attracts her to using paper and paint for weaving is the ability to play with color and pattern.  Dorothy is known for her weaving innovations and contemporary shapes; the evolution of her body of work is built on taking risks and avoiding the “known.” Dorothy has studied basketmaking for over 30 years and her work has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally, including in Korea, Australia and Spain. She has won numerous awards, including among them multiple Niche Awards and Handweavers Guild of America Awards.

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Selected work from Gallery Artists Jacki Moseley, David Berger& Tumar Art Group

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