Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Is That An Ice Cream Cone In Your Inbox...?

Let's put that another way:

WHY is there an ice cream cone in your inbox?

Well, your mailman might be playing a Halloween Trick on you.

But more likely you're one of our long-time subscribers, and you've begun receiving our brand new weekly newsletter, Wednesday Art Scoops.  It should look something like this:
Shown:  Marceil DeLacy, "Lunch?".  Ice cream cone:  Alaskan yellow cedar, black walnut and birch

The eye-catching focal point is indeed an ice cream cone - a rather unusual one, crafted by artist Marceil DeLacy from a variety of woods, and currently on display in the gallery with its two companion pieces.  It looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?  (But please don't!)

Over the years we have sent out monthly newsletters and gift guides overflowing with works of art.  But things move quickly here in the gallery, especially during the holidays - which is to say, right about now - with brand new shipments arriving almost daily from our artists, and holiday shopping already beginning.  Messages planned in advance can be out of date before they're finished!  So we're switching things up.  

The weekly Scoops will be just that:  three generous dollops of art, in different genres, in a format designed to be viewed quickly or savored and explored, as you desire.  Click through for a deeper look at individual items or enjoy an artist's interesting bio.  If a quick scan of Scoops or the shop turns up the perfect item you can purchase it immediately, either directly through the online shop or by contacting the gallery.  And knowing that at this time of year you're probably gift hunting, don't worry - another Scoops edition is right around the corner. 

If you aren't on our subscriber's list yet (which of course you should be!), signing up is easy:  

We hope you'll join us, and enjoy the work of our many amazing artists, arriving directly in your inbox, once a week!

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