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November 2012 Gallery Picks

Hello, and welcome to our reposting of The Island Gallery’s November 2012 Gallery Picks! We have been sending this publication via direct e-mail to patrons around the middle of each month, featuring selected pieces from our current collection. Beginning in January 2013 we will be posting the Gallery Picks here on our blog, in hopes of providing a larger audience with an opportunity to better know the work of our fantastic artists. Please scroll down to view examples of the wonderful art currently available in the Gallery and in our online shop.  For further information, click on the highlighted links to visit the individual items in our webshop.  And if you'd like reminders sent directly to your mailbox, send your e-mail address to to join our subscriber list.

Happy New Year!  Enjoy!

Furnishings We Love:
Showing some of our favorite furnishing items currently on display in the Gallery. For detailed descriptions of the individual pieces, visit our web shop (link below; individual links above). Our expanded Gallery space is now open, with a growing selection of fine furniture and live edge wood slabs created by our talented Northwest artists.

Cherry Wood, Grey Austrian Leather
Dimensions: 30”h x 38"d x 84"w
A beautiful piece of handcrafted furniture from one of our talented Northwest woodworkers, this settle is inspired by the American Arts and Crafts movement. At the turn of the 20th century, in response to the superficial decor of the Victorian Age, this movement sought to establish a new aesthetic based on the beauty of natural materials combined with handcrafting, to produce designs of simple lines, high integrity, and durability - not passing fashion, but timeless creations. The piece shown is a 3-cushion large; also available in a 2-cushion small, and can be custom ordered in a variety of woods and upholstery fabric.

Dimensions: approximately 2-1/2” tall x 4-3/4” in diameter
A truly beautiful tea bowl from ceramic artist Reid Schoonover, complete with its own box, handmade by the artist. The exterior is warmly ochre; the interior (detail shown) shows a lovely puddle of cool blue crystals and fascinating oxidation.

Wool gabardine jacket, hand-dyed
In rich shades of purples, blues and brown-ombres, this beautiful garment is perfect to throw on at the last minute, taking an outfit from Ho-Hum to Ready-For-Anything. Soft wool gabardine provides an extra cocoon of warmth on a winter’s eve, whether you’re off to the opera or simply taking a stroll down a leaf-strewn country road. One size.

Sterling silver, Baltic Green Amber
Dimensions: 2-1/4” x 5/8” x 18”
Another signature piece from a jeweler whose designs never disappoint. Christine L Sundt is known for her inventive metalsmithing and big beads; her clean styling produces pieces that do as well with casual outfits as formal, and are perfect get-togethers with a business suit. This Baltic amber is unusual, in a stunning tone that might be described as pale peridot, with glittering crystal-like inclusions.

Dimensions: 31-1/2” tall x 20” wide x 17-1/2” deep x 17” floor to seat
“Lights - Camera - Action...” You can almost see your latest cinematic project go into Take 12 as you lean back in one of these comfortable chrome-frame director’s chairs, bullhorn at the ready. With their black eco-leather seats and backs, these terrific chairs are quite a find, perfect foils to modern dining tables of live-edge wood, as extra seating for holiday guests, or a modern touch in an eclectic living area. They are fully foldable for storage or shipping.
Here at the Gallery we're always adding to our collection of fine handcrafted chairs, and now include vintage chairs.  As they say in the movies, “...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...”
Let us know if you’d like us to find something special for you.

Acrylic, 48” x 30”
After years of working as a representational painter, Nubia began to experiment intuitively with acrylics. Drawing on her personal history as well as meditation practices, reading and travels, she brings a fresh vision of the world through her abstracted imagery and layered use of the medium. The artist paints in the tradition of Helen Frakenthaler, Dorothy Hood and modern abstract painters. Nubia is an inventive colorist, using the hues of her palette to evoke an emotional response from the viewer who is drawn to explore implied imagery in fields of color. These unexpected points of reference lead to narratives invented by the viewer. When this occurs, the artist believes she has fulfilled her purpose. Originally from Colombia, Nubia presently lives and works in Texas.

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October 2012 Gallery Picks Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the blog posting of The Island Gallery’s October 2012 Gallery Picks! We send this publication to patrons around the middle of each month, featuring selected pieces from our current collection.  From now on, we will be posting the newsletter right here on the blog.  Please scroll down to view examples of wonderful art currently available in the Gallery and in our online shop. For further information, click on the highlighted link to visit the individual items in our webshop.  And if you'd like reminders sent directly to your mailbox, send your e-mail address to to join our subscriber list.  Enjoy!

Oil, 24” x 36”
This November we open our expanded Gallery space, which will allow us to display additional furniture and a number of new artists, especially in the area of wall art. As part of this exciting expansion we are delighted to welcome prolific artist Carrie Goller of Port Ludlow, Washington.
A Bainbridge Island native, the multi-media artist recalls being advised as a child to pursue a career in fine art, but it wasn’t until she battled breast cancer that she became a serious and dedicated artist. Goller is lured by simple yet sensuous organic forms and the intoxicating realm of vibrant colors, shapes and textures found in nature. Her thoughtful approach to subject matter can be evidenced from her tender still life work, along with a passion for rendering impressionist oils of daily life. She transitions with ease within a wide range of genres and mixed media, including oil, watercolor, pastel and charcoal, as well as ancient mediums such as encaustic (molten pigmented beeswax), casein and egg tempera.
"As a colorist, I truly appreciate Carrie Goller’s work. She has a wonderful talent for creative combinations that really do engage the eye," says Leatrice Eiseman,
Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.
Please visit us in November to view Carrie’s initial presentation. We will feature her new works in a solo show opening on First Friday, February 1, 2013. In the meantime, keep an eye on our web shop to view more pieces from this very special Northwest artist.

Faceted Canister, Eric Gorder
Dimensions: approximately 7” tall x 8” in diameter
A wonderful example of hand-building clay and the most subtle expression of wood firing effects, Eric Gorder’s elegant Faceted Canister is functional as well as decorative. It has a shino interior and could easily be used to store tea or spices.

Silk Organza: hand-dyed two-patterned shibori formed, pieced, stitched.

For over twenty years, as she has cultivated her love of art and fabric, Boston textile artist Amy Nguyen has gone about stitching, painting, patterning, quilting and dyeing to create clothing that is both functional and sculptural. Her artistic journey has been greatly influenced by Japanese textile design and ancient dyeing techniques such as shibori, rozome and katazome. This coat of paper-like silk organza is notable not only for its exquisite, exact construction, but for the play of black-green dye against shimmering white. We are delighted to report that Amy is featured in the most recent edition of Ornament magazine; one of her beautiful creations appears on the front cover, and if you’re a lover of textiles, the article is an interesting read. One size (fits approximately sizes 8 - 16).

Dimensions: Adjustable, 26-30”
Combining “stunning” and “fun” in one package, this wonderful polymer clay necklace from Seattle jewelry artist Sylvia Luppert is the perfect way to dress up holiday, or everyday, outfits! Mixing vibrant color with unexpected texturing and glass or metal beads and findings raises Sylvia’s pieces to the status of wearable sculpture. The artist typically employs gem-tone color schemes in her work that go beautifully with earth tones and really spice up that Little Black Dress or formal ensemble.

Dimensions: 13” in diameter x 4.75” tall
Crafted by Seattle wood-turning master Dave Thompson, this exquisite salad bowl is a perfect selection for holiday giving (or keeping!). The rich character of the wood shows to great advantage; the inset photo shows the bowl’s lovely interior. It features a food-grade finish and comes with its own matching salad servers.

Furnishings We Love:
(Eric Gorder, ceramic artist)
Showing some of our favorite furnishing items currently on display in the Gallery, this image appears in the latest issue of Realogic/Sotheby’s international magazine in an article featuring Bainbridge Island.  For pricing and detailed descriptions of the individual pieces, visit our web shop.  Once our expanded Gallery space opens in November we will be adding even more wonderful pieces of fine furniture and live edge wood slabs.

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September 2012 Gallery Picks

Hello, and welcome to The Island Gallery’s first monthly Gallery Picks! This publication was sent to patrons around the middle of the month, featuring selected pieces from our current collection. This way, we hope to provide you with an opportunity to better know the work of our fantastic artists. Please scroll down to view eight examples of wonderful art currently available in the Gallery and in our online shop.  For more information on individual listings click on the highlighted links to visit them in the webshop.  Enjoy!

Acrylic, silk on board 18” x 18”

Introducing Irene Yesley of Bainbridge Island, Washington. A new artist to the Gallery, she describes herself as a geometric abstract minimalist, designing flat, hard-edge patterns against a relatively flat background. Physical textures, such as brush strokes, play a minimal role to the interplay of positive and negative shapes, and the emotional impact of color. In the Air is the first of Irene’s pieces on display at the Gallery; more are now on display.

Anagama fired stoneware
Dimensions, in inches: 8 h x 8 w x 8 d
Our representatives were delighted to discover Robin’s work at the recent NCECA Convention in Seattle, and we welcome her to the Gallery. More of her sculptural work is on display in the gallery.

Dimensions: 21” l x 17” w x 14” t
This artist is not new to the Gallery, but each new piece he brings us is a delight, and inspirational for its clean lines and modern sensibilities. This table features three beautifully finished pieces of wood artfully joined together with metal rods, achieving his trademark style. Shown with detail of bookmatched top.

Dimensions: 16-18” choker
Another stunning piece has arrived in the Gallery from jeweler and silversmith Bara. This choker features two hammered circlets of sterling silver joined together by black leather cord and silver hook and eye clasp; it features wonderful antique silver-clad amber beads.

Small Handbag, Red, NEO
Walk by this spiky little handbag without a smile or a chuckle, if you can! Made of knitted neoprene by a company formed by three women in Rome, Italy, it is lightweight, functional, and more than a little reminiscent of a sea urchin or puffer fish! Along with NEO’s line of neoprene necklaces, bracelets and earrings, a perfect selection for holiday giving (or keeping!).

Unisex Fern Shirt, Lou Zeldis
Perennial Gallery favorite Lou Zeldis shows his design prowess to great advantage in this wonderful unisex batik shirt, in shades of white, green and black (rear image shown). Wear it alone in warmer months or toss it over a T-shirt when the days turn cool. Lightweight, softly textured muslin cotton.

Black Wool Crepe Kaftan, Carol Lee Shanks
This perfect top from Berkeley designer Carol Lee Shanks will quickly become anyone’s Go-To garment. Sophisticated and roomy, wear it layered over a camisole and jeans, a long dress and boots, or pieces from Carol’s beautiful collection. Shown here over her own crinkle silk dress and skirt, both in grey. Necklace from NEO.

Artisan Table Lamp, Carl Larson
Purple Heart Mappa Burl Shade #011
A spirited lamp design that would do well in either a formal or more rustic setting, from a gentleman’s desk to a captain’s cabin, Carl combines exquisite exotic hardwoods with vintage and contemporary metals to create a little illuminated magic. Shade created from wood veneer over artist’s canvas with clear coat of lacquer, hand-spun brass base and top with patina, and antique brass socket.

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December 2012 Gallery Picks, #2

To kick off the re-posting of our Gallery Picks onto this blog, here is the balance of December 2012, and some of our favorite things.  Simply click on the highlighted link to view individual items in our webshop.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Tres III, Carrie Goller
Mixed Media, 30” x40”
Yet another beautiful burst of form and color from prolific local artist Carrie Goller. 
We asked her to describe her technique:
“As I recall I used multiple acrylic mixed media and applied layers of tissue into gel medium to get texture.  Upon that went layers of paint – some of it iridescent and often alternating a palette knife with brushwork, then more tissue and more texturing from mediums such as fresco/crackle paste, pumice, then again more layers of paint.  I remember it being a wonderfully messy and freeing process with paint all over my hands and arms (usually I am pretty neat and tidy with my paint).  It’s very experimental and unlike my other work -- a lot of joy went into the painting of Tres III!”

The striking tones in this painting, effervescent reds, pinks and golds, are brought to earth by misty grey-blues and dense purples.  A metaphor?  Perhaps, for both the joy and gravity of life,
intermingling on one common yet infinitely rich canvas.

Akihiko Izukura:
Winter 2012 Collection
We are delighted to offer a selection of this incomparable designer’s superb hand-woven garments through mid-January at a price reduction of 20%.
Shown above:  Indigo Scarf
Shown below, rear view:  Kimono Pattern Jacket (link coming soon)

Dimensions:  8” x 15”
Close attention to detail, fine joinery, and clever combinations of regional and exotic woods are hallmarks of this many-talented woodworker’s art.  If that isn’t enough to love, his high-quality work is surprisingly affordable, making anything that comes out of John’s studio eminently giftable.  Stash jewelry, coins, or collectibles, or remove the grids for storage of documents, maps, or those dog-earred love letters... (gasp!)  If that hard-to-buy-for person who has everything doesn’t have one of these, then trust us, he or she doesn’t really have everything!
Available in several sizes and prices.

Salvaged Old-Growth Fir, Sustainable Fabric
Dimensions:  30" w x 30" d x 30" t
Sculptural and durable, this delightful reading chair is a Northwest native, born in the local forests and creatively rendered by one of our many outstanding local wood artists.  And so comfortable, one can  only imagine:  a splash of red by the fire; feet up, mug of warm something-or-other and a good book in hand; lights twinkling on boughs; relatives on the way... Relax whenever you can! 
Pieces available separately or as a set.

Big Glass Necklace, Klamir
Murano Glass
Direct from Venice, Italy, and the artistry of Mirella Foffano, comes a line of Murano glass and PVC jewelry that is drawing Ooohs and Aaahs at the gallery.  Shown is her bold sphere necklace of gold-toned glass; also in the picture are clear/teal and deep purple/lilac earrings. Our first shipment of these earrings sold out the day after  they arrived; our second order should be here around December 17th.  We’ll list them in the web shop right away (assuming they last long enough for us to take photos.  Just sayin’...)  Big, bold and utterly lightweight, these pieces are also sophisticated and just plain fun. 
Other styles are available.

Silver-Plated Hollowware
Wolmar “Tito” Castillo
Pitcher, Cream & Sugar Set with Wood Handles
Wolmar is the son of famed Taxco jewelry designer Antonio Castillo, founder of Los Castillo workshop that contributed greatly to the development of Taxco jewelry in the 1940s and 1950s.  Wolmar specializes in “hollowware,” silver plated onto copper
in the form of pitchers, trays, vases, et cetera.  The silver is complemented by intricate stonework details in the form of crocodiles, peacocks and lemurs.  Wolmar’s work has been exhibited extensively in the U.S. and he is often called on to lecture on the topic of modern Taxco silverwork.
Pitcher and Sugar/Creamer sold separately.

Ruffle Scarf, Liane Benoit

Several months ago a lovely lady came into the gallery wearing a lovely scarf that danced around her neck like a soft, ruffled cloud.  Impressed, we asked her about the piece, which she told us she had made herself from Spanish yarn, and that she had received compliments on it all day as she wore it around Seattle, on the ferry, and on Bainbridge Island.  What could we do but swiftly place an order for several of these gorgeous scarves?  They arrived, we put them on display, and poof - they flew out of the gallery!  We currently have our third shipment available, and what wonderful gifts these are.  They come in three lengths (approximately 38”/52”/96”) and a variety of colors.

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Gallery Picks Newsletter On Its Way!

Hi again!

We've been busy here at The Island Gallery and not posting to our blog as often as we should, so we're happy to announce that in January, 2013, we plan to publish our Gallery Picks Newsletter right here on the blog.  We instituted an e-mail-only Picks publication last September, and in upcoming days we're going to play catch-up and repost the older publications here (September, October, November and December, 2012).  As other events come up, like First Friday Artwalks, musical presentations, and special sales, we'll be blogging with greater frequency.  So please stay tuned!

Here's a quick Holiday Sampler of items currently available in the gallery, as presented in The December, 2012 Newsletter.  To go to the actual webshop listing, click on the item's name beneath its photo.

Gallery Picks: December 2012, #1   
Everyone’s favorite holiday ornaments, Ted’s pomegranate is a relative
of his famous golden pear, chosen as one of “O” Magazine’s
must-have Christmas items in 2002.  Here’s the amazing story:
Busy creating beautiful art glass pieces in his one-man studio on Vancouver Island,
Ted had an agent who would take his work to the big U.S. gift trade shows.  In
New York some of Oprah's personal shoppers happened upon the golden pear
ornaments.  They bought some and took them to show Oprah, who fell in love with
 them and decided to put them on the “O” List in the next Christmas issue of her
magazine.  They neglected to mention this to the artist until a week before the
magazine came out, and warned that the exposure might bring in extra sales.
Ted spent the entire following year filling 10,000-plus back orders. 
Ahh, the power of media!  Once he recovered, Ted went on to produce a full
line of ornaments, including various fruits and vegetables, pine cones, snowmen,
and even lumps of coal for the naughtiest amongst us.  We have a fine selection in
the gallery, ready to hang on the tree, use as party favors and gifts, or to layer
in a big glass vase for a dramatic holiday display.
$20.00/30.00 each

Ballet Swing Handpainted Dupioni Silk Art Piece with tapered sleeves and piping collar

Red with Black/White. Part of the Jewel Collection
Luscious reds and bold strokes of contrasting color energize the
remarkable cut of this kimono-style art-to-wear piece.  A stunning
garment for the holidays, for formal wear, or even with jeans, any time.
And if you’re not  in the mood to wear it, hang it on the wall as your
favorite new piece of art!   One size.

Wood Fired Ceramic
Dimensions:  Varied
A collection of 36 little vessels, each with its own
unique personality, inherited from the kiln.
To yours, add a blossom; meditate.
Or simply contemplate each one’s
perfect imperfections.
$75.00  -  $225.00

Dimensions:  approximately 18” high x 21“ wide x 55” long
A beautiful piece of cedar receives a dramatic treatment.
Black steel I-beams sunken into either end of the live-edge
slab give this bench a modern vibe in - shall we say -
a neo-industrial way, a style as comfortable in a
mansion as in a refurbished warehouse, or whichever
particular castle you call home.

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