Thursday, February 25, 2016

You're Invited: March 2016 First Friday Artwalk

We're excited!  Opening this First Friday:

New Work by

Renee Jameson and Jen Till

March 4 –27, 2016

Opening Reception:
First Friday, March 4th, 6-8 pm

Above, Top Left:
White Clouds.  Monotype.  Renee Jameson

Above, Side Right:
Morning Meadow.  Oil on canvas.  Jen Till

About the Artists:

Renee Jameson:  Renee Jameson was born in Western Washington and received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She is a monotype artist living and working on Bainbridge Island. Currently she is the printmaker liaison for the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) setting up the print studio for the BARN. She has work represented in private collections in Santa Barbara, La Jolla and Bainbridge Island.

“I walk daily along the shoreline on Bainbridge Island and am inspired by the constantly changing sky. One of the most exciting things I observe is how rapidly the cloud formations change into new and dramatic shapes within seconds. I have my camera with me at all times on my walks. Some days I see very little that interests me and other days the sky is extraordinary. I try to create a world viewers can interpret and respond to in their own way. In this way I consider myself an abstract artist. My objective is to create a mood and atmosphere that will evoke an emotion in the viewer and possibly a memory from the past”.

Jen Till:  Jen spent her childhood years in a seaside village, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, along the New England coast. Surrounded by the seasons during her formative years led Jen to look to nature as the basis of all her work as a painter today.

Her love of painting began at a young age. Jen's childhood experience in her New England surroundings was filled with the richness of colorful, sweeping fall, quiet, bleak winter, spring's lush bloom, and summer with its green warmth. Inspired by her many creative family members, she was fortunate to be entirely embraced in her budding love of art throughout childhood. Jen went on to the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied Painting and Textiles. After graduating, Jen moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she began to explore painting the vast landscape and light of the Southwest.

Eventually making her way to the West Coast, Jen now lives, paints, teaches and works as a freelance textile designer on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

"I am inspired by the many ways light casts itself on our earth. Moments in my life when I behold such beauty inspires me to create its memory in my work. Nature provides me with a foundation upon which I can build paintings to express a wide range of feeling.

"The process I use is meditation with my brush in hand. This enables my creative energy to flow, uninterrupted and fueled by intuition. By creating layers with glazes I try to explore the inherent aspects of paint itself while keeping my mind focused on a feeling and place.

"My painting experience grounds me and reminds me to be aware of the presence of spirit in all of life's moments. I search for this essence and mystery as I dwell on a place filled with light. My hope is to engage the viewer and to share the mystery and calm I so cherish. My work reminds me that by painting the experience of the material world around me I can move toward the intangible, ethereal mystery of life."

Event Location: 

The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E., #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Underground parking is available at The Winslow off Ericksen Avenue.

Stop in for a glass of wine, a chat with friends, and a first look at the finest art around, ready to enhance your home and your lifestyle.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

January 2016 Gallery Picks Newsletter

January has left us behind by a couple of days, so our Newsletter is a little late.  We also experienced a glitch that caused the wrong e-card Alert to go out yesterday.  What you should have seen is this:

However, one way or another Valentine's Day is coming right up, so you will be able to see here - hot off the presses - some of our newest and loveliest art pieces while they're still in the Gallery!  Come visit us or click on the links in each individual piece below to be conveniently swept from your armchair to our online shop.  But make sure you have a steaming mug of hot coffee or cocoa sitting close at hand.  A cozy way to shop on a cool winter day, don't you think?

Scroll down for a look at some of the finest art around - from wearables to sculpture, from function to whimsy, and no matter what time of the year, always pleasing to the heart and soul.

Without further ado:


Planet Nine.  Robin Hominiuk

Ah, so beautiful.

Here we have two new pieces from Robin Hominiuk,
who has recently moved from southwestern Washington
state to the bustle of beautiful Seattle.  And her work is as
gorgeous as ever, as seen in this vase and platter, both
currently on display at the Gallery.

Entitled “Planet Nine”, this vase is wood fired with underglaze and
crackle texture, with natural fly ash crystals, and was fired in the
Soulgama Anagama Kiln, Brush Prairie, Washington.

And why the name?

Well, it's based on these interesting developments from the Universe:

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have found evidence
in the outer solar system of an object that could be a real ninth planet.

Nicknamed Planet Nine, it "has a mass about 10 times that of Earth" and
orbits about 20 times farther from the sun" than Neptune. That means "it would
take this new planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one full
orbit around the sun," according to Caltech.  Researchers Konstantin Batygin
and Mike Brown haven't actually seen the planet, but other research helped
lead them to conclude that there is one. Basically, they found that certain
objects in the Kuiper Belt - the field of icy objects and debris beyond
Neptune - had orbits that peculiarly pointed in the same direction.  

Platter.  Robin Hominiuk

This lovely platter is wood fired stoneware with black underglaze
and flashing slip.  It was fired upside down in the Hikarigama
Anagama Kiln, Elkton, Oregon.

Below, Robin shares a few photos that show a little more
about her process with the vase, in her own words:

New Planet, before firing

The first photo shows it waiting to be loaded into the kiln.
You can see the red underglaze that I rubbed into the cracks with no idea
if the color would show up after the firing (it does but it is subtle).
New Planet, after firing

The 2nd photo shows it when the kiln is opened - it was on the top shelf
right at the firebox, in a direct ash zone, which is where all those gorgeous
crystals came from. It is the most volatile section of the kiln.

To see more of Robin's work you can visit her
pages in the Gallery's online shop here.
But we're not quite done showing off her work yet -
scroll down for an unexpected treat!


Blue and White Jacket.  Amy Nguyen

Another magnificent piece of clothing from Amy Nguyen.

Her pieces are so wearable and stunning, we seldom keep
them in for long and even then, when they are sold, we
always have to suppress a little pang or two of
separation anxiety when they go out the door.
But we are assured they go to good homes, so that
makes us feel better...

Then she sends along something even more heartbreakingly
lovely.  Like this jacket, in her trademark
relaxed style with just the right touch of formality,
and consistently impeccable workmanship.


(Shown with Nancy Raasch necklace; details below.)

Magenta Felted Wool and Silk Jacket.  Maggy Pavlou

My goodness ... this artist's creativity never seems to end, or fail to inspire us ...

In a lively shade of purply-pink, or perhaps we can even
call it magenta, Maggy shows off her felting prowess
with this delightful, soft and lightweight wool and
silk jacket.  Note the gentle lines, tall, feminine collar, deep cuffs
and applique-like surface texture.

Oh, and as always on Maggy’s pieces:  check out that
specially-made funky button.

A perfect garment for our climate, Maggy's pieces are
lightweight but warm, and easy to layer over shirts
and sweaters or dresses, or if necessary beneath a
larger coat or cape.


(Shown with Nancy Raasch necklace; details below.)


Mirror Face, Small Antique Cabinet.   Carol Fiedler Kawaguchi

Small Antique Cabinet, full view.  Carol Fiedler Kawaguchi

Carol Fiedler Kawaguchi of Bainbridge Island combines her talents
as a fine artist with her skills as a fine woodworker specializing in
Antique Restoration and Repair, unique Fine Wood Furnishings and
Fine Art Assemblages. Ms. Fiedler Kawaguchi attended Cornish Art
Institute in 1978 and ‘79 and received a degree in fine art from Western
Washington University in 1981 with a focus on Japanese Art History and
Printmaking. She apprenticed to a violinmaker and a ceramicist during the
1980s while living in New Mexico where she opened her first woodworking
and interior furnishings business. She has traveled extensively in Europe and
Asia. She has worked as an artist and woodworker for the past 25 years
and now makes her home in Washington.

We are fortunate to have several of her pieces currently
on display in the Gallery, including this beautifully
restored small antique cosmetic cabinet from 19th Century Japan.

James Bond Valet.  Chris Thompson

A combination of beautiful craftsmanship, whimsy and
functionality elevates this piece into wondrous realms of
the imagination - with its mysterious
hidden compartment and dramatic use of contrasting exotic
woods, one can picture Mr. Bond keeping a secret MI-5
contraption or two stashed away in its depths.

Martini, anyone?


Purple and Silver Necklace.  Nancy Raasch

We began to show Nancy's work over the holidays, and are delighted to 
have a few more pieces available, including this purple and sterling silver
delight.  These necklaces are created using ancient Korean
paper techniques and include amazing lightweight earrings in
whimsical geometric forms,  currently on display in the Gallery
and soon in the online shop.

But what do we love about this particular showy piece?
How about that gorgeous purple!

(Or this orange-red stunner:)

Joomchi Orange Flaps Necklace.  Nancy Raasch

Sterling Silver and Gemstone Rings.  Robin Hominiuk

In addition to her proven talents as a potter, Robin Hominiuk
is also an accomplished jewelry artist.  These rings are
good examples of her minimalist style and excellent craftsmanship.

What a great gift one of these would make for that special someone
- and guess what, Valentine's Day is upon us!

(Or just buy one for yourself - the price couldn't be better.)

The three rings shown are fabricated sterling silver rings with 5mm tube set
faceted stones of garnet (pink), size 7,  aquamarine (pale blue) size 8, and
white sapphire (white) size 7.

We do carry other pieces of Robin's jewelry in the Gallery and online,
so come on in to see them in person or visit
Robin's jewelry pages here in our online shop.

And for something a little different, here's a special
Valentine's Day tease: 

New Jewelry Collection.  Christine L. Sundt

These pieces arrived quite recently and aren't posted in the online
shop yet, but are available in the Gallery, so we thought we'd
tempt you with a glimpse of her latest designs.

(We'll be posting the entire Collection very soon;
view them with all of Christine's work on her pages
in the Gallery's online shop here.)

That's a quick look at January's new treats; we hope you enjoyed seeing them, and more will be along in several weeks.  In the meantime, if you'd like to have our Newsletter e-mail alert arrive in your inbox once a month, and notices of shows, sales and concerts, please send a note to subscribe to sr [at] theislandgallery [dot] net.  We'll put you on our mailing list.

Have a happy Valentine's Day, and please come see us soon!