Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mothers Day? No Problem

Yes, it's true - Mother's Day is coming up in - gasp! - FIVE DAYS!  (And Graduation Day is just around the corner, too!)

But not to worry.  We have a solution for that thorny what-on-earth-can-I-get-Mom-or-Grad-this-year problem:

Robin Hominiuk's jewelry.

Earrings: Curved Sterling, Freshwater Pearls $120.00
As an exceptional ceramic artist specializing in wood-fired ceramics, Robin has shown her sculptural, functional pottery in the Gallery for several years.  How wonderful to be able to show off another side of this talented artist, whose work is the heart of our current Gallery exhibit, Earth Elements(See her amazing work in our online shop, right here.)  (See also Robin's online Gallery page here.)  ***UPDATE:  All of Robin's jewelry items are now in the online shop under Show Previews and New Arrivals.**

Robin hand-forms and hand-forges all her metal, including many of her own links and chains, adding to her designs gemstones, pearls and such found items as beach glass, as well as mixed metals.  In spite of all this hard hand-work and the time and care that goes into it, her pieces are remarkably affordable.  Her lovely slender bangles, for example, perfect to wear as a stack, are $20.00-$25.00 apiece (not shown; please visit the Gallery or contact us for a look).

The three bracelets above are all created with heavy-gauge sterling silver:




These are the only two necklaces remaining for sale after the show's first weekend, which put a dent in Robin's inventory:



These two pieces are quite magnificent, and great examples of Robin's command of metalwork (which, incidentally, she is incorporating with great effect into her ceramic art).



A peek at what's currently available in Robin's terrific earring designs (top right are the same as mentioned previously at the very beginning of this blog post).

Top Left:

Lower Left:

Top Right:

Lower Right:

You may have noticed a little gratuitous drooling above.  Again, sorry, but here's a closer look at these pretty stones, perfect for either Mother's Day or an August birthday present (ahem):

Tube Set Peridot Posts, $95.00
(Kids... kids?  Yoohoooo....)

And here's this gorgeous turquoise ring, which we featured in last month's Gallery Picks Newsletter, but just can't resist showing again (since we're talking jewelry):

Bezel set turquoise ring, sterling silver, $175.00
The clear, perfect turquoise-sky-blue and fine black veining is very reminiscent of the stones that have come out of the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona; we're not positive that's what this is, however, and the mine's riches are now quite hard to find.  In any event, this is a lovely piece.

All of these pieces are now posted right here, in the Show Previews/New Arrivals shop section.

For further information, please contact the Gallery (  And don't forget, you can click on the various links to be transported to a closer look at select pieces in our online shop, visit here to keep an eye on what's new, or see a great cross-section of the amazing art in the Gallery at

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Update: You're Invited: May 2014

This month's wood-fired ceramics show Earth Elements: Robin Hominiuk is off to a roaring start.  Despite the threat of rain, the First Friday Artwalk was a packed event, with the hard-hitting rock/R&B sounds of Peter Spencer and the All-Stars reverberating around the Plaza.  Appetizers were devoured, wine was enjoyed, art was admired.  And the rain held off.  What a great night!  We thank the artists for their attendance, and their considerable talents.

Before we start work on upcoming delights for June, we'd like to highlight the two other featured artists in the May show, Esperanza Grundy and Gerardo Aguayo, both of whom have recently appeared in our Gallery Picks Newsletters.  As always, please click on the links for further info on individual items and artists.

Graham Greene's Bedside Table.  Esperanza Grundy
Four of Seattle artist Esperanza Grundy's acrylic and encaustic collage pieces are currently on display in the exhibition room of the Gallery.  This one, Graham Greene's Bedside Table, is part of her Bedside Table Series, and shows the vivid color and fascinating layering Esperanza creates in her art.  All four pieces will soon appear in the online shop on her own shop page, here.

Shaman 3.  Gerardo Aguayo

We are also delighted to present the work of Bainbridge Island artist Gerardo Aguayo.  Three of his oil pastel on paper pieces and one work of oil on canvas can be viewed in the front room of the Gallery.  Shaman 3 can be viewed here in the online shop; the others will be available there soon.

Also displayed in the front room: the work of Theodore Waddell and Mark Bowles, as well as three wonderful raku "skulls" (Dall Sheep, Impala, and Water Buffalo) by ceramic artist Kathy Mitchell.  Kathy's work is new to the Gallery (VERY new, in the last few days), so please stay tuned for more about her in future blog posts. 

Coming up on the Blog later this week:  A closer look at the jewelry of Robin Hominiuk, which showcases in particular her command of metalwork.  Her pieces - necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles - are expertly crafted from sparkling, textured low-tarnish sterling silver that she forges and forms herself, adding semi-precious gemstones, pearls and beach glass accents, all at very affordable prices.  In other words, perfect Mother's Day gifts!

Not all items are available in the online shop at this time, so stop by the Gallery for a look before they're all gone (many items sold last weekend).

And, of course, please visit the Blog again soon; we'll have photos here of Robin's jewelry for your viewing pleasure!