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You're Invited: First Friday Artwalk, July 7, 2017

Fresh from downtown Winslow's annual Fourth of July Parade and its dizzying (and fun!) accompaniments, the Gallery offers a reflective exhibition dedicated to printmaking, featuring three Bainbridge Island artists.  Put us on your calendar, then stop by for a sip of wine, jazz on the Plaza, and extraordinary art.

Print Magic

Jan Branham ~ Pam Galvani ~ Shelley Minor

July 7– 31, 2017

Opening Reception:

First Friday, July 7, 6-8 pm

In Concert on the Plaza:



Earth Mark.  Pam Galvani
Girl in Garden.  Jan Branham
Garden 3.  Shelley Minor

About the Show:

Three artists bring unique perspectives to one-of-a-kind works incorporating printmaking and collage. Branham's figurative images, inspired by old Kodak snapshots, create new lives on paper.  Galvani's monotypes explore the ideas beyond legible words and text.  Minor's layered pieces reveal the complexities of nature and change.

About the Artists:

After retiring from a 35-year career as a public high school art teacher, Jan Branham  has become a full-time printmaker, working with several groups of printmakers on Bainbridge Island.  She is an active member of Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN).  Besides being involved in local print workshops Jan attends national conferences and symposiums, and is a member of the Southern Graphics Print Council, The American Craft Council, and Seattle Print Arts.

Presently I am involved in creating a body of work that I call "ANSISTERS".  My work incorporates collage and printmaking such as etching, linocut, woodblock, collagraph, as well as a mixing of media …The subject matter of my art is inspired by small snapshots that were taken in the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s.  Most of the photos were taken with a Kodak Brownie camera and are of relatives and close friends of my family.  I have chosen interesting individuals from these small snapshots … and then have created my own printed and collaged images that, I hope, have developed a new life of their own on paper.

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest twenty-five years ago, Pam Galvani and her family lived in   many parts of the United States; travel has thus played a major role in expanding her understanding of how art holds meaning across cultures.Her academic background combines studies in history and graphic design with an active studio practice in lettering and printmaking. She completed her MFA at Vermont College of Art in 2014. Her BA is in history, while her MAT is in history education.  For many years, she has taught history, calligraphy and English. Primarily a printmaker today, Pam has also been a calligrapher for 40 years, incorporating gestural marks into her work. Her art has been shown nationally and locally, including Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

I am a text-based artist. Inspiration for my work often begins with my reading or hearing words, phrases or stories that resonate with me. By abstracting the original text, my intention is to discover and reveal ideas that go beyond what legible words may communicate.  Each of the prints here is a monotype… I allow the process of making prints to structure my exploration into how meaning reveals itself.

Garden 3.  Shelley Minor
Shelley Minor grew up in rural western Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where nature brought her daily joy.  She now lives on Bainbridge Island.  Shelley has earned Bachelors degrees in art and landscape architecture from the University of Washington, and a Masters degree in education.  She now studies monoprint processes and techniques with printmaker Wendy Orville.  Her work has been shown in a number of local exhibitions, including at the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN).

Being in nature, and working to translate what I see, brings me a great deal of solace and peace … The blue iridescence on the inside of a mussel shell, calligraphy marks on green stones, the rough and liquid skin of trees, the tangled threads of vegetation - all are objects that sing to me…Each monoprint image is unique… The final​ image is the result of multiple printings, using combinations of plexiglass and collagraph plates, and various colors.​ ​ ​The multiple printing​ allows light, color, and pattern to build through the layers, creating an equivalent of the intricate complexities of nature.

Currently on Display at The Island Gallery

Sweet Entanglement.  Sean Carleton & KT Hancock

Sean Carleton (Bothell, Washington) and KT Hancock (Seattle, Washington)

Sean is a multi-disciplinary artist creating work in Bothell, Washington. KT is an emerging artist based in Seattle, Washington.  They have teamed to produce fascinating illuminated sculptures, created from glass and steel.

Sean and KT's work, including several new pieces, is currently on display in the Gallery.

Gem 7.  KT Hancock

About the Musicians:


Vintage American Music, Classic Jazz & Swing, the Hot Jazz of the 1920s, The Great American Songbook of the 1930s and ‘40s, Gypsy Swing - even Contemporary and Latin American styles - are showcased by the virtuoso guitarist Eric Bogart and the “rock-solid” rhythm back-up of Terianne Stratton on ukulele. The influence of the legendary Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, who won acclaim for his unique guitar styling in 1930s Paris, infuses every performance by Stringology with spirited excitement, passionate improvisation and pulsating rhythm that leaves every audience cheering - and wanting to come back for more. 
Stringology has performed in Seattle, Victoria British Columbia, Miami Beach, and can be seen regularly at many festivals and music venues on the Olympic Peninsula, which is now their home base. 

Established in 2002, The Island Gallery features internationally recognized artists whose work takes traditional art  forms in exciting new directions:  studio furniture and sculpture;  museum quality textile art  and wearables; wood fired ceramics from the finest potters in America; paintings and prints; and unique jewelry creations. Monthly exhibitions include live musical concerts, featuring such genres as jazz, rock, folk, chamber music and performance art.  This, along with its reputation for excellence,  makes The Island Gallery a destination spot on
beautiful Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle, and steps from the new Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

Contact Us/Visit:

You can also find us on

Event Location: 

The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E, #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Underground parking is available at The Winslow off Ericksen Avenue.

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June 2017 Gallery Picks Newsletter

Well, we're back, and so happy to share with you some early summer delights via our latest Gallery Picks Newsletter.  As always, our artists have brought us more of their wonderful art, including new artists Alexis Abrams (Textile & Wearable Art) Erin Jackson (Ceramics), and Ayan Rivera (Paintings & Prints).  To view more information on the individual pieces and the talented folk who created them, simply click on the individual photographs; you will be magically transported to their online homes in our extensive Gallery Shop.  Or better yet, if you're on the island, pop in for a visit: There's nothing like trying on a perfectly-crafted garment, holding that beautiful ceramic mug in your hands, or beholding an amazing lamp made of paper, grapevines, and love.

Second-best is to receive our Newsletters - perfectly easy with our Signup Form.  You won't miss a thing, in events, sales and concerts, as the Gallery continues to find and display the finest in fine art.

For now, though, please sit back with a mug of fragrant tea, in your favorite chair, on your sunniest deck, indulge in some window shopping, and enjoy!


New to the Gallery, these lovely hand-painted jackets
from Alexis Abrams:
Hand-painted Jacket, Blues.  Alexis Abrams
New to the Gallery, Alexis Abrams' clothing shows off luscious colors
and geometric designs, hand-painted on luxurious fabrics.  The double
weave crinkle silks, for example, are perfect for travel.

Alexis Abrams, a California based artist, makes contemporary, painted,
one-of-a-kind and limited edition clothing. Each piece is designed,
painted and sewn by her in her Los Angeles studio.  She studied at New York
University, Massachusetts College of Art, The Worcester Craft Center, and
received her B.A, degree in Art History from Clark University.

Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions in California, New York,
Connecticut, Vermont, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Mexico, and Florida, and
was featured in The Fiberarts Book of Wearable Art by Katherine Aimone.

Living in Los Angeles, I have been exposed to a rich design history of
Modernist art and architecture, as well as many exhibitions of Latin
American and Pre-Columbian art and Japanese art and design. All
of these have contributed to my design aesthetic and continue to inspire me.

 The abstracted forms of Pre-Columbian art, the pared down
aesthetic of Modernist art and architecture, the elegant simplicity
of Japanese art and design, are all qualities I try to incorporate in my designs.
Alexis Abrams

Hand-painted Jacket, Red.  Alexis Abrams
This lovely lady, Satisfied Customer Ginny from Longview, Washington,
happened in right after these arrived.  She quickly purchased
the gorgeous red jacket.  At this writing, the lime and black, shown
below, and another in lime, are still available.
Pop into the Gallery to view, or simply click here to go to
Alexis Abrams' Artist Page for updated information or to purchase.

Hand-painted Jacket, Lime/Black.  Alexis Abrams

White/Black Reversible Vest.  Agnieszka Kulon for Kreatia

Our ever-charming model Kathy, from right here on our little island, enjoys this
comfy and wonderfully conceived Agnieszka Kulon deconstructed linen and cotton vest.
It is intended to fall to knee-length or below (Kathy is tall, willowy and beautiful),
and boasts stunning detail work (see photos in above collage).  And it's reversible!
Great for our climate as it is lightweight yet offers some warmth,
and is easy to toss on for a cool evening stroll after a warm summer day.
See more of this artist's work on her own Artist's Page for a good look at
her innovative shapes and unexpected fabrics (check out the Tyvek jacket).

Maggy Pavlou: New Jackets
We have in several of Maggy Pavlou's always-impeccable new designs,
her popular felted wool and silk jackets and vests, ready to keep you
warm from now through autumn.  The blue beauty below (so gorgeous,
isn't it?) is enhanced by one of Janet Essa Elia's handmade big floral brooches,
one of the HOT trends in fashion accessories these days.
See more about them, and Janet herself, below.

Felted Wool and Silk Jacket, Blues.  Maggy Pavlou

Felted Silk and Wool Vest, Turquoise,  Maggy Pavlou
And a vest, in Maggy's ever-popular soothing turquoise.
Who doesn't need one of these?  Perfect, for that
little extra warmth on a breezy day, any time of the year.

See more about Maggy Pavlou, her process and
currently available pieces, on her Artist's Pages.

Illuminated Sculpture D Vine 3.  L. Wendy Dunder.  Paper, grapevine
Wendy Dunder's illuminated sculptures have graced the Gallery for some years,
and yet she always comes up with something brand new for us.
In this instance, take a good, long look at the base of this lamp.
What on earth do we have here?
Well, here's the story behind it, and the other two lamps in this D Vine
sculpture series, in Wendy's own words:

The wood bases are 30 year old vines from the Aurora, Oregon,
Pheasant Run Vineyard.  Last winter they allowed me to slog through the mud
to collect some of the unproductive cut stumps. After hauling them home
I started the process of cleaning the moss, bark, and dirt, first using a power washer,
then smaller hand tools.  Next was treating them for boring insects, and beginning
the process of designing the reed and paper, installing the sockets and wiring.

Interestingly, Wendy reports that the smallest lamp - this one
above, D Vine 3 - was the most challenging.

Two others in the series:

Illuminated Sculpture D Vine 2.  L. Wendy Dunder.  Paper, grapevine
Besides being stunning works of art and highly functional,
they are also very lightweight and easy to ship.  The Gallery
has in fact sent them to their new homes all over the country.

We have a number of Wendy's pieces available, which can
be viewed on her own Artist Pages; or contact the Gallery
to discuss shipping.  Providing us with estimates in 24-48 hours,
our expert shipper is prompt, courteous and very reasonable, making the
transportation of even the largest item - a fantastic wood slab dining table
and chairs, for example - a breeze to ship.

Please feel free to call us or send a query.

Birdhouse.  Chris Thompson
What feathered friend wouldn't enjoy moving into this lovely home?
We can't seem to keep these in stock very long but luckily,
Artist Chris has no shortage of ideas and energy!

A point of interest:  One of Chris's birdhouses (not this one) was recently
included in the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art silent auction, where
it was immediately snapped up for well above asking price
(over $500.00, we're told).  Congratulations to Chris, to the
good folks at BIMA, and to the lucky new owner!

More of Chris's work can be seen here.

Hmmm... This fellow looks like an interested buyer:

Long-billed Curlew (Eye).  Bill Galvani
Artist Bill Galvani, whose professional background is as a museum director,
carves using the traditional tools of drawknife, spokeshave, wood rasp, and
knife. He prefers basswood, a hardwood that holds detail and takes a blade well.
Carving shorebirds and ducks has encouraged him to study them, which has led
him to participate in conservation activities that preserve birds and their habitats.

Here is the curlew in full view:

Please visit Bill's Artist Page for more information on the artist,
his thoughts, and other art works.

Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks.  Erin Jackson
The Gallery is delighted to welcome our newest ceramic
artist, Erin Jackson, whose functional pottery pieces are intended
to be cherished as works of art and, always, useful additions
to our lives and homes.
Here are a few words about Erin's background in pottery:

Erin Jackson began working in clay in 1995, enthralled by its physical
properties, the philosophy of wabi-sabi, and working on the potter’s wheel.
After several years as a studio potter in Western New York she began making
sculpture, then began the M.F.A. graduate program at The University of Iowa
(graduating in 2006), where she was one of the few graduate students
not regularly making pots.  During this time she worked with Gerry Eskin
in his studio as well as helping him begin the permanent ceramic collection at
The University of Iowa Museum of Art. 

After moving to Davis, California, Erin felt a need to make useful art,
 returning to functional pottery and her early love of wabi-sabi.
To this end, she has spent the last few years perfecting her glaze
technique and creating colors in a satin matte base glaze created by
Val Cushing.  She fires in oxidation in her electric kiln to
cone 5/6 on a white porcelaneous stoneware clay.

Erin currently lives and works in Woodland, California, also
teaching beginning, advanced, and AP ceramics at Dixon High School.
Her goal in creating pottery is to give people something beautiful to use on a
daily basis, for her pottery to have a relationship with the user, for
the user to seek out that special bowl or mug from the cabinet which
then brings a little happiness to the user, like an old friend.

For more information on Erin and her work, please
visit her Artist's Page.

Mugs.  Delores Fortuna
New pieces are in from popular ceramic artist Delores Fortuna.
including these lovely mugs - with plenty of room for your
favorite beverage - and delightful platters, all one-of-a-kind in Delores's
offbeat design style and colors, the fun and wonder
of fully functional art perfectly on display.

Left:  Black/Grey Platter; Right: Grey/Tan Platter.  Delores Fortuna

Large Floral Brooch Grey/Blue.  Janet Essa Elia
Okay, these may look cool but they are HOT!

One of summer's current trends, these wonderful
big brooches are set to spice up your outfit,
in a bow - perhaps even a curtsy -  to the most
fabulous, fragrant flower garden.

Tea and croquet, anyone?

Large Floral Brooch, Greys/Magenta.  Janet Essa Elia

Colorful yet subtle, Janet has designed them to make a
modern splash without overpowering your outfit.

Large Floral Brooch, Greys/Green.  Janet Essa Elia

The Artist shows us how to pull this look off with flair:

Janet Essa Elia

Lovely, talented Janet is a native of Iraq where for 15 years she owned and operated
a well-known atelier in Baghdad, specializing in custom-made, beaded
clothing and accessories.  She left there in 2009 and has lived in the
U.S. - here on Bainbridge Island - since then. All her designs are
original, and employ traditional Middle Eastern methods.
The decorative work is applied by hand, using needle and thread.

During the rule of Saddam Hussein, when Janet established her business,
it was highly unusual for women to own independent businesses in Iraq.
In fact, it still is. Besides dressmaking generally, her atelier was considered
to be the finest source of custom wedding dresses and bridal accessories in
Baghdad, and attracted a prominent clientele. In Iraq, weddings are
extremely important social occasions and tend to be very large. Wedding
trousseaux, whether traditional or modern, are typically highly decorated.

The jewelry and accessories Janet produces are entirely hand-made by her,
and are inspired by the traditions of decorated clothing with which she grew
up, and by contemporary international design.

See more of Janet's intricate work on her Artist's Pages.

We welcome to the Gallery Bainbridge Island artist Ayan Rivera,
who works with the traditional Japanese sumi-e painting technique.

In Ayan's words:

For me, Sumi-e is both a creative and mindfulness practice… The
materials are fairly minimal (brush, ink stick, ink stone, paper)…  Once
one masters the skill of the stroke, the hope is for the skill to fall away
along with all thought creating space for both clarity and spontaneity.
The brushstroke cannot be altered or erased so each stroke guides
the next. Rather than bringing an idea into reality, the process is
guided by the present moment…I paint for the brief moments when
the eye, hand, and brush move together without the mind and when
letting go allows something else to move through. 
LPR012 17" x 12" sumi ink on paper.  Ayan Rivera

Ayan also teaches sumi painting.

For a more complete bio and to see more of Ayan's exquisite
work please visit his Artist Page.


Coming this summer, we present our very first tee-shirt, created with a dash
of whimsy for all our guests and visitors to remember us by, as well as
beautiful Bainbridge Island and its wildlife both above and below the waves.

Please click here to visit our Shop for further information on
sizes, price, and availability

The original artwork may be viewed here.

Image: Courtesy The Island Gallery/Eva Funderburgh, "Swimming Beast".


Print Magic

Jan Branham ~ Pam Galvani ~ Shelley Minor
July 7– 31, 2017

Opening Reception:  First Friday, July 7, 6-8 pm

In Concert on the Plaza:  Stringology

More Information Coming Soon


Bologna Blues 11n.  Virginia Paquette.  Watercolor

Coming To Life II.  Karen Chaussabel.  Encaustic on paper


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