Sunday, January 31, 2016

You're Invited: February 2016 First Friday Artwalk

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we have a sweet upcoming show:

The Copper Pot, After Greg Kreutz. Oil on canvas.  Marilyn Turner

Mini Show:
Diane Reincke’s Student Artists

February 5 –28, 2016

Featuring Local Artists:

Stella Carosso ~ Meloni Courtway ~ Stephanie Hammermann ~ Marilyn Turner

Opening Reception:
First Friday, February 5th, 6-8 pm

In concert:
Ranger and the Re-Arrangers
Bainbridge Island’s Own Gypsy Jazz Band

About the Artists:

Meloni Courtway:  New to Bainbridge Island, Melani is from O'ahu, Hawaii.  She has always felt creative but never brave enough to create art in a finished form.  Diane Reincke's class has been a wonderful opportunity for Meloni to harness her creative voice.  When she's not learning to paint, Meloni is a freelance food writer and chef and mom to two wonderful children.

Marilyn Turner:  For five years Marilyn has been the Manager of the Sotheby’s International Real Estate office on Bainbridge Island.  Always drawn to art, with a strong love of Art History, she enjoys her connection to beautiful pieces of art through the ancient Sotheby’s Auction House; but when local artist and art teacher, Diane Reincke, advertised a beginner class in oil painting Marilyn saw an opportunity to follow her dream and take an oil painting class. With no expectations other than being in the company of likeminded beginners, she was amazed with the results.   In Marilyn’s words:

My painting, The Copper Pot, is an interpretation of an original work by noted New York artist Gregg Kreutz.  It was done in the Old Master style painting using the traditional glazing technique of putting down a white grisaille on a dark base, followed by layers of glazing and impasto on top.  Though I had never painted in oils before, learning this traditional technique, as well as other oil painting techniques in my first oil painting class, has given me the sound foundation I needed to move on ... to express myself confidently as an artist, and produce work that moves me aesthetically and hopefully brings pleasure to my audience.

Diane Reincke: 

Working Artist….Working Teacher

Diane Reincke has been a working artist for 40 years.  For 20 of those years she combined landscape and still life commissions with creating and publishing magazines, working as an illustrator and designing as an art director.  While oils have always been her preferred medium, Diane has also exhibited and sold work in pastel, oil pastel, monoprints, sumi ink, gouache, and the Japanese medium Nihon-ga, here in the U.S. and in Japan.

For the past 15 years in Washington State, while maintaining her own working studio, she has offered private and group classes in oil, acrylics and monoprinting.  Group classes have been offered at the Experimental College, University of Washington and at Microsoft, Redmond main campus.

Currently residing on Bainbridge Island, Diane offers private and group classes for beginners and experienced painters, teenagers to adult.  Classes are available for local residents of the island as well as visitors coming to our special place to enjoy a one day art workshop experience.

What students find most unique about Diane’s painting classes is her one-on-one style of personalized instruction and extensive knowledge of specific painting techniques.  Diane customizes her classes to the needs of each student.

Since 2000, all of Diane’s oil painting classes are taught entirely Fume Free, making oil painting accessible to those with small work spaces or limited ventilation.  

Stella Carosso (information TBA)

Stephanie Hammermann (information TBA)

About the Band:  Bainbridge Island’s Ranger and the Re-Arrangers play gypsy jazz or “hot jazz,” an upbeat style created in the 1930s by Django Reinhardt and other European stringplayers who embraced American jazz.  The band’s repertoire appeals to everyone who enjoys swing standards, traditional Gypsy jazz songs, and world music originals. The band features young violin phenom Ranger, whose creative, syncopated leads complement the band’s steady, swinging rhythms.

Ranger Sciacca’s performances and compositions reflect his extensive studies in classical, jazz, and folk music. His Suzuki teacher, Alice Kanack, publishes books and CDs on improvising classical music. Ranger also studied folk and dance music for seven years with renowned Seattle fiddler Stuart Williams. Ranger’s main influences include guitarist Django Reinhardt and jazz violin greats Stuff Smith, Claude Williams and Stephane Grappelli. Ranger studied jazz theory and history at Whitman College.

Michael Sciacca, Ranger’s dad, has been his rhythm guitarist for many years; they have performed as a swing jazz duo since 2001.
Percussionist Jeffrey Moose has a 30-year career in both music and fine art. His collaborations and band projects include work with Joined at the Head, Heliotroupe, Dog Superior, Stiff Kitty, Atoke, Zayah Emmanuel, and Sam Andrews, founder of Big Brother and the Holding Company. He is currently director of Jeffrey Moose Gallery in Seattle.

Mandolin player Dave Stewart is a classically-trained pianist.

Event Location: 

The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E., #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Underground parking is available at The Winslow off Ericksen Avenue.

Come on downtown to see the artists' offerings, enjoy the lively strains of gypsy jazz, and do your Valentine's Day shopping all while sipping a bit of wine with friends.  All the downtown galleries will be open, and several other venues as well.  We'll keep our fingers crossed for good strolling weather!

See you on the 5th!

Friday, January 1, 2016

January 2016 Annual Sale Starts...Right... NOW!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Technically, First Friday landed on January 1st this year, so in lieu of a full-blown Artwalk on that date the Bainbridge Island First Friday Artwalk will be a mini-version on Friday, January 8th.  We'll be open, with sips of wine and goodies, but do check with the other galleries for their schedules.

On our schedule:  The Island Gallery's Annual Sale!!!

January 2 –31, 2016

A New Year Beckons!
And we’re ready to welcome in 2016
with new pieces from our wonderful artists
and Great Sale Prices Gallerywide Through January


Renee Jameson
Monotype works, in the Gallery and currently on display at The Manor House Restaurant
Lisa Wederquist
A striking new work of art inspired by Southwestern textiles
Carol Fiedler Kawaguchi
 Late 19th century Step Tansu totally restored by artist
Dave Thompson
New live edge maple bench
Maggy Pavlou
Felted wool and silk vests
Chistine L. Sundt
New jewelry collection

Introducing New Artists:

Jeff Harmes
Marc Roux
 Delores Fortuna

As a counterpoint, we are showing two mid-century modern leather and
chrome chairs updated with red leather by local artist Marcia Adams-Landry.

Opening Reception
Friday, January 8, 6-8 pm

Event Location: 

The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E., #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Underground parking is available at The Winslow off Ericksen Avenue.

While we're all here, let's take a closer look at some of these beautiful featured items.  They are not up in the online shop yet but as of this writing they are all still available, and we'll try to post them in the next few days. 

Turquoise wool and silk felted vest.  Maggy Pavlou
Gorgeous!!!  Look at that color... and the cozy collar... and a pop of red that is so perfect.

Maggy's vast talent never, ever disappoints.

Courting Blanket.  Lisa Wederquist
Inspired by Southwestern textiles, this is one of those pieces that needs to be seen
up close to be fully appreciated.  Lisa is one of our amazing artists who has a
deceptively simple presentation, but then something deep in the canvas
hooks you and pulls you right into her complex landscape, always giving
the viewer a fulfilling, unexpected experience.
Do stop in to pay it a visit, it's on display in the Gallery, waiting
to say hello.

Burgundy Grand.  Marc Roux

Okay, there's a lot to say about this piece but we're still working on the words,
so stop back by and we'll try to explain this extraordinary work of art, and perhaps add
a close-up image so the technique is a little easier to see.
Basically (and there is nothing "basic" about this) it's a segmented turned vase sculpted from
444 pieces of Bubinga wood.   Let us try to stretch our brains around that for just a minute...

19th Century Step Tansu.  Carol Fiedler Kawaguchi

Our photo is a wee bit dark but the traditional features show up quite
nicely.  Carol has fully restored this magnificent antique tansu, and it
is glorious.  We'll be back with more detailed information on it shortly.

Summer Cobalt 1.  Renee Jameson
 All right, everyone, control yourselves - we know the temptation
is great to throw ourselves into that glorious water and
sunny landscape but all in good time...

What a lovely view from our oh so talented Renee.  Please be aware that
we are currently showing a number of her pieces at The Manor House Restaurant
at Pleasant Beach, so please pop on in there for a meal, a glass of wine, and
enjoy the beautiful art.  Do tell them we sent you!

Sam Maloof-Inspired Rocking Chair.  Jeff Harmes
Oh, this is so beautiful!

We love rocking chairs, and this really is one of the prettiest ones we've
seen in a long time.  It is made of madrone, thus the deep, rich
color, and has beautiful grain detail and elegant lines.

Mugs.  Delores Fortuna
And while you're rocking happily in that fabulous rocker, how
about a nice mug of hot chocolate?  Yes, yes, you can have
whipped cream on top if you like... we're definitely going to...

These pretty mugs are a wee bit whimsical and totally
functional, just the way we like them.  Great gifts, and yes,
the whipped cream definitely tastes better in one of these...

(Who are we kidding... whipped cream in/on just about anything
is perfectly acceptable, right?  Yes indeed!)

We'll be back soon with some additional information on all of the above, and in the meantime, we hope you had a Happy New Year's Eve and are ready for a wonderful year to come. 

See you on January 8th!