Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 2013 Gallery Picks Newsletter

Summer's on the wane, but here at the Gallery we're revving up for the fall and holiday seasons with more lovely work from our artists.  And let us just say:  Kudos to them.  These remarkable people never fail to disappoint with their art, attention to detail, and constant striving to create ever more beautiful things.  Stop in for a visit in person, or click on the links beneath each photo (and sometimes other links tucked here and there) to go to the Gallery's web shop for more information on the individual items.


Sentinels.  Kathleen Faulkner
A well-known and long established jeweler, Kathleen Faulkner has
recently turned to oil pastels as a new medium.  Her delightful
work perfectly conveys the misty quality of our Pacific Northwest,
but on close examination the calm, soft look is somewhat deceptive: 
one is impressed by the firmness of her lines and strokes, her command of the
medium, and her obvious respect for her subject matter.
Examples of Kathleen's jewelry can be seen in the permanent collection of the
newly-opened Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

Silk Satin Dress.  Roselle Abramowitz

Oooh, glam!

A silky and slinky bias-cut dress shows off Roselle's usual flair for color.
This luxurious piece is available in other sumptuous colors - like
glowing emerald green, for example - as well as a really wonderful knitted jersey
cotton that we have here in the Gallery in black.  Gorgeous!
(And by the way, many thanks to our wonderful model, Kathy!)

Jenny's Slip.  Hall Table/Desk.  Robert Spangler

This elegant piece of furniture is created from cherrywood with
 a perky, offside drawer of spalted alder and gently curving legs.
Rather narrow, it is ideal when used as a hall table, but we can certainly
imagine it being pressed into service as a narrow desk (especially if
you're in space-saving mode).  It can easily accommodate, say, a laptop
computer, and your other office-oriented needs.

Pendant Necklaces.  Lou Zeldis
As you may know, our wonderful artist Lou Zeldis passed away suddenly
last year, much to the shock of us all.  He has left behind a large collection of
his textile, clothing and jewelry and we are grateful to be able to show
a recently-arrived collection of his here at the Gallery, including ikats,
cotton batiks, shirts, jackets, and woven attar vine jewelry.  We're calling
this selection Lou Zeldis:  The Last Collection, and it is a good
cross-section of his artisty.  We'll carry it until it's gone,
and hope to be able to get more over the years, but now his work is finite;
one never knows what will be available.

But speaking of jewelry...

We are delighted with a selection of pendant necklaces in unmistakable
Lou style.  His tribal-like stone-over-stones criss-crossed with leather or
oxidized sterling, dangling bits and pieces, and adjustable neckpieces are
simply fabulous.  The four shown above include rustic-cut crystals, agate
and a gorgeous double malachite pendant.  The malachite is viewable
in the web shop here; the others - including a number that are not shown 
above - will be posted soon.  Watch this space for more information.

Wall Sconce.  L. Wendy Dunder
Yes, we know, this looks just like a big old harvest moon
peeking through newly-bare branches.  And yes, we understand:  this
glowing tableau makes one want to bay at the moon!  But please
keep your howling to a minimum (save it for October 31st when such
behavior is not necessarily frowned upon), especially if you
trot into the Gallery to meet this fabulous illuminated paper
sculpture in person!

(We have very sensitive ears...)

Dinnerware Sets.  Aaron Filson

It's still a way off, but make no mistake:  Thanksgiving and
the busiest entertaining season of the year is just around the corner.

(Did I actually just say that??  Oh dear... must make lists...)

For a beautiful dining table or a casual gathering, think about
adding Aaron Filson's wonderful ceramic pieces to your
collection.  He has given us a selection of single pieces that can be
mixed and matched, but he will also do custom-order sets.  Just
let us know what you'd like, but don't forget:  Order early
to assure delivery in time for the holidays!
(View his small plate in the online shop here; other items will
be posted soon.)

"Sunset" Necklace.  2 by Lyn&Tony

Brand new to the Gallery:  Bright and bold jewelry from Down Under!
Lyn and Tony of Sydney, Australia employ highest-quality stones, gems, glass
and leather to create dramatic and eye-popping necklaces and earrings.
Big chunks of agate drusy, long amethyst chunky dangle earrings, long
multi-strand waxed cotton necklaces with woven leather accents and tassels...
these are all pretty amazing.

This one, "Sunset", is orange coral and blue Czech glass beads on woven
leather, and is around 34 inches long.  It's currently viewable in the web shop;
we'll have others up shortly, so check back often.  We'll have shorter ones - 
mid-length and "choker" styles - available in a month or so, which
will make great gifts, or brighten up that holiday outfit!

As always, come into the Gallery or head over to our web shop at www.theislandgallery.net/shop/ to see much, much more.  And if you'd like to subscribe to this newsletter please send your e-mail address to sr@theislandgallery.net; we'll sign you right up!  You can also access the RSS feed (go to the bottom of this page) or sign up as a member or to follow us.

See you in September!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bainbridge Island Musicians' CDs Available

There are so many amazing people in the Bainbridge Island community, not only our marvelous artists and prolific writers, but also musicians, running the gamut from classical to jazz, through blues, rock, R&B... you name it, someone on this island writes/performs/records it.  We're happy to have a small but growing selection of CDs from a group of these talented folk currently available for purchase in the gallery (we ship, too, of course!).  Unless otherwise noted, all CDs are $15.00 (plus any applicable tax and shipping).  We hope to offer them in our online store, but in the meantime contact the gallery for further information (206.780.9500 or ssn@theislandgallery.net).

Peter Spencer

Currently Available:

Peter Spencer: The Blues Concert

Peter Spencer:  From The Island

Peter Spencer:  1896

Fingerpicking guitar, blues, original compositions.

Ranger and the Re-Arrangers
Currently Available:


Gypsy Jazz, traditional and original compositions.

Beau Metro Quartet

Currently Available:

Beau Quartet: Music of George Andrix, Arthur Bachmann, and Carlos Gardel

Violin, viola, cello. Classical, chamber music.