Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Arrivals: Holidays, 2014

We don't normally do this sort of gift blog post on the spur of the moment, but our artists have sent us some outstanding new pieces.  We feel compelled to spread the joy!   All items shown are available in the Gallery right now, ready for your Holiday gift-giving (and we're working hard, like those busy little elves, to post them in the online shop soon - if not sooner!).

Please come in for a look, or contact the Gallery for information if you don't see it in the online shop.

Men's Wear Gifts

Men's Wave Tee.  Mary Jaeger
Our own International Man of Mystery
materialized in the Gallery just in time for us to
recruit him to model our new shipment of
Mary Jaeger's men's Wave and Waffle Weave tees.
They are all shown in the online shop at
Mary's page, where this mysterious fellow
may finally reveal his true identity!

(His disguise can be found below and under Wood-Fired Ceramics.
By the way, it also looks very good mounted on the wall.)

Art Glass

Simply glorious hand-blown glass Sunflower Tumblers from our
newest glass artists, Ken and Ingrid Hanson.

Besides being excellent drinking glasses, these make lovely votives!
We have one twinkling on the counter at the Gallery
at this very moment.

See individually in the online shop (coming soon).

Women's Clothing and Jewelry

An excellent design from the ever-awesome Carol Lee Shanks.
This is her new Triangle Tunic in crushed habutai silk.
Immediately available in the Gallery in Cranberry and Black
(shown), as well as Steel.

Also shown is a gorgeous necklace from Bainbridge Island's
own Woodleigh Hubbard:

Tibetan Cinnabar Necklace.  Woodleigh Hubbard


Coyotes.  Barb Campbell
Returning to the Gallery after a hiatus of several years,
Barb brought us these wonderful Coyote masks, boasting whiskers of
barrel cactus spine from Mojave, California.

Bowls.  Joe O'Brien
Our newest ceramic artist, Joe O'Brien of Bainbridge Island
makes wonderful bowls and cups, fired in a wood kiln
here on the island.

Baston #1, #2, #3.  Javier Cervantes
Javier Cervantes also makes his return to the Gallery
with these interesting ceramic wall pieces, called Bastons.
They represent traditional seed planters from the Oaxaca
area of Mexico.

Wood Sculpture

Alan Vogel's wonderful small wooden shelves in maple, redwood and walnut, not only sculptural but also functional works of art that can support candles, vases, or dangled objects.
(A coat or hat?  A lantern?  You decide.)

Take careful note of the long icicle formation dripping
splendidly down the face of the live-edge piece on the left, above.
This is hand-blown glass from Bainbridge Island's own
Messolini Glass Studio.

Just beautiful, and a whimsical touch to a gorgeous
piece of wall art.  

Woodblock Prints

Reverberated Spaces.  Tadeusz Warszynski
From Edmonton, Alberta, we welcome
Tadeusz Warszynski, woodblock print artist and teacher.
We are currently displaying three of his pieces in the Gallery.
He says of his work:
Change, passage of time, birth and death are the themes
that are always present in my work.

As an artist, I am interested in recreating sensations that are unspoken
and universal at the same time. Very often there is a paradox or
contradiction that brings feelings of uncertainty or suspension.
This is important to me because it helps to create an ongoing
dialogue with the viewer (no conclusion) and becomes a
great metaphor for life where nothing is as it seems.


Geometrics.  Steve Humphrey, L. Wendy Dunder
An amazing lamp crafted from bronze, patinated steel and copper
by Bainbridge Island metal artist Steve Humphrey
with a paper and wood illuminated sculpture shade
by L. Wendy Dunder.

Several other new lamps from these artists
have also just arrived at the Gallery.

Come visit this post again soon; we'll add links and information as they become available in the online shop.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Holiday Hours: Late Nights

We have two Late Shopping Nights coming up this holiday season:  Saturday, December 13th and Thursday, December 18th.

Here's our full schedule:

December Hours 2014

Mondays-Fridays: 11-6

Saturdays: 10-6

Sundays: 11-5


Saturday, Dec. 13th: 10-8

Thursday, Dec. 18th: 11-8

Christmas Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 24th:  11-3

Closed THURSDAY & Friday, DecEMBER 25th & 26th

New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, December 31st:  11-3