Saturday, September 19, 2015

Artist Notes: Carol Lee Shanks

If you love the art of Carol Lee Shanks as much as we do, you will be interested in the following information relating to an exhibition she is currently involved in.

Body as Agent: Changing Fashion Art... opening at the Richmond Art Center...Saturday September 12 from 5-7 PM

"Body as Agent: Changing Fashion Art is an exhibition honoring and responding to Poetry for the Body: Clothing for the Spirit, which was held at the Richmond Art Center, March-April 1983.  Presented throughout the four galleries, the 2015 exhibition demonstrates how wearable art has changed.  Sometimes wearable art is referred to as non-fashion, and although it may be considered to be on a parallel journey with fashion, it is not part of the commercial, seasonal aspects of the industry.  Now, through artists, clothing forms are used to convey a variety of important social/cultural issues.  Clothing, in portrait from, is exhibited in sculpture, paintings and prints.  Up-cycling is made beautiful and witty by using the forms of apparel with which we are so familiar.  However, through all of these added modes of expression in garment forms, there are artists who still give us pleasure by creating things we can actually put on our bodies and wear.  In documenting our contemporary society we become aware of the infinite ways we each express ourselves through our daily presentation to the streets."*

Image:  Pieced Remains Nomad Coat, detail by Carol Lee Shanks
Photography:  Elizabeth Opalenik

Thursday, September 10, 2015

You're Invited: Artwalk, Friday, September 11, 2015

There was a bit of confusion about the First Friday Artwalk schedule this time around, but tomorrow, Friday the 11th, is the Official, Actual, Genuine September Artwalk.  We will be open and looking forward to seeing you all.

So if you strolled downtown last week, or even if you didn't, please come join us tomorrow night.  We have a terrific band ready to entertain you, goodies, wine to sip, glorious weather (yes, we planned that, too...) and of course wonderful art, including new and fabulous textiles, clothing and jewelry from our artists.

Two First Fridays in one month?  What could be better!!

Fall Fashions

September 4 –27, 2015

New wearable art from
The Island Gallery's extraordinary collection of artist designers

Bara, Amy Brill, Maria Chapin-Cao, Rana Helmi
Sandra Holzman, Robin Hominiuk
Woodleigh Hubbard, Isnia, Mary Jaeger
Candis Krummel, Neo, Amy Nguyen
Katrin Noon for Spirithouse, Virginia Paquette
Maggy Pavlou, Begona Rentero
Sharon Rosenthal, Agnes Seabass, Carol Lee Shanks
Carter Smith, Bobbie Sumberg, Christine L. Sundt

Artists’ Reception

Friday, September 11th, 6-8 pm

In concert:

Anne Pell Jazz Trio
Bainbridge Island

Shown Above:
Fashion Poster.  Blair Breitenstein, Seattle
Necklace, painted wood, brass.  Sharon Rosenthal, Philadelphia