Thursday, September 27, 2018

You're Invited: October 5, 2018 First Friday Artwalk - Architect As Artist

As an early holiday preview, a mélange of Autumn Surprises comes to the Gallery!  New artists, new art, dressing for our homes and personal style, even unexpectedly perfect gifts, in the genres of Paintings and Prints (with emphasis on Bainbridge Island scenes), Fiber and Wearable Art, Jewelry, and Wood Furniture and Sculpture.  

October 5 – 28, 2018

Patricia Dalesandro, Karl Shields, Jen Till

Fiber and Wearable Art:
Betsy Giberson, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Tom Johnson, Chiho Kuwayama, Jacki Moseley, Maggy Pavlou
Mia Reis for Winding River, Carlo Scanagatta, Carol Lee Shanks, Bobbie Sumberg

Wood Furniture and Sculpture:
Ron Kent, John Spivey

Michal Lando, jewelry and L’FINA, cork handbags

First Friday Artwalk, October 5th, 6-8 pm

In Concert:

The Jenny Davis Jazz Duo


John Spivey, Bench in Zen Arc Series.  Walnut
Patricia Dalesandro, Filtered Light at Bloedel.  Watercolor
Ron Kent, Golden Translucent Bowl.  Norfolk Pine
Karl Shields, Old Boat at Point White. Oil on canvas
Carlo Scanagatta, Gran Citta Scarf.  Cashmere and modal

About the Show:  
As an early holiday preview, a mélange of Autumn Surprises comes to the Gallery!  New artists, new art, dressing for our homes and personal style, even unexpectedly perfect gifts, in the genres of Paintings and Prints (with emphasis on Bainbridge Island scenes), Fiber and Wearable Art, Jewelry, and Wood Furniture and Sculpture. 

Featured Artists:  Paintings:  Patricia Dalesandro, Karl Shields (Bainbridge Island) and Jen Till (Seattle).  Fiber and Wearable Art:  Betsy Giberson (New Hampshire) shibori tunics; Ana Lisa Hedstrom (Emeryville, Califronia) scarves; Tom Johnson (Bainbridge Island), Linear Series; Jacki Moseley (Bainbridge Island), Bag Series; Maggy Pavlou (Los Alamos, New Mexico), capes and jacket; Mia Reis for Winding River  (Massachusetts) fleece capes and jackets; Carlo Scanagatta (Seattle) scarves and shawls; Carol Lee Shanks (Berkeley, California - she’s sending us a surprise!); Carter Smith (Nahant, Massachusetts) shibori; Bobbie Sumberg (Santa Fe, New Mexico) ponchos.   Wood Furniture and Sculpture:  Ron Kent (Kailua, Hawaii), translucent wood bowls; and John Spivey (Santa Barbara, California), bench and easy chair in his Zen Arc Series.  Introducing L’FINA, environmentally sustainable cork handbags created in the Aspen Valley of Colorado. 

First Friday Artwalk, October 5th, 6-8 pm.  The Jenny Davis Jazz Duo in concert.

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About the Artists: 

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Fiber and Wearable Art:

Wood Furniture and Sculpture:



About The Island Gallery

Established in 2002, The Island Gallery features internationally recognized artists whose work takes traditional art  forms in exciting new directions:  studio furniture and sculpture;  museum quality textile art  and wearables; wood fired ceramics from the finest potters in America; paintings and prints; and unique jewelry creations. Monthly exhibitions include live musical concerts, featuring such genres as jazz, rock, folk, chamber music and performance art.  This, along with its reputation for excellence, makes The Island Gallery a destination spot on beautiful Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle, and steps from the new Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.  In 2017 we celebrated 15 years of collaboration with unique and talented artists from near and far.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mind Puzzles: Irene Yesley. Special Online Only Exhibition

Opening on Friday, September 14, 2018:

Mind Puzzles:
Experimenting with Colors, Shapes & Patterns

New Work by
Irene Yesley

Irene Yesley, Let's Celebrate.  Monotype

About the Artist:  This exhibition is comprised of ten specifically selected pieces.  Here are a few words from the artist about her work:

I work abstractly because this allows me to focus on what I most enjoy - the shapes and the spaces between them.  I am concerned with the size and shape of the objects, the repetition and variation of patterns, the tension created by the nearness or distance among objects, the emotional impact of the colors I use, and the sense of freedom in a piece.  I aim to make pieces that are interesting from a distance and also up close.

Printmaking is my current obsession.  I also like drawing with graphite and markers, and painting on pieces of plexi that I combine into one piece by stacking three layers of plexi together.

There is a large education industry aimed at early childhood that uses colors, shapes, and patterns to exercise the young brain, and in doing so, helps create pathways that promote learning other skills such as mathematics and science. These tools are too important to be left simply in childhood. Visual art has always been a teacher. We learn history from paintings and statues from the past: the benevolence of the saint’s smile, the sneer of an angry warrior tell us something important about humankind. We are enriched both emotionally and intellectually by such art. But art’s impact is greater than that. Whether representational or abstract, good art makes a point.

In her work, Irene Yesley has created both intriguing works, and an outline for learning. As the viewer moves from Medieval Times to Lenny, we first sense control through evenly spaced rectangles cautiously moving in patterns and some introduction of color but almost yearning to escape.  Color Grid challenges the viewer with the precision of its lines and furrows, blocked with strong discontinuities.   High Falutin' tells a host of stories: those piano keys give us the tune, but are we seeing fish or fowl; gill lines or cone? It’s that little place in New Orleans that doesn’t stop ‘til the sun comes up. These are great works for looking and thinking, and rethinking:  No, it’s a crappie on the Mississippi.  No matter.   Either story takes us away. In the later pieces we sense freedom and joy within an expanding universe. Isn’t this the arc of human history?

Please contact the Gallery to request prices.  The artist, however, advises that the individual items in this exhibition fall into the range of $700.00 - $1,900.00.

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Irene Yesley, Lenny.  Monotype