Saturday, December 19, 2020

Holiday Art Scoops #1-5 & Season's Greetings, December 2020



We haven't been active on this blog for some time; Santa Claus might decree this rather naughty of us.  But in the intervening months many things have happened, both with the Gallery and in our broader world.  One thing remains more or less the same, however:  we're still here, with some changes, and our Art Scoops (previously Wednesday Art Scoops) and most recently the always-fun Holiday Art Scoops, continue!  The 2020 holiday series have recently flown out to our subscribers' inboxes; Art Scoops Seasons' Greetings will appear this week.  Below are links and brief descriptions of their contents for your enjoyment.  


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To bring everyone up to date, here's a little basic information on the Gallery and its recent changes (you can also visit our updated blog Profile).

Established in 2002, The Island Gallery features internationally recognized artists whose work takes traditional art forms in exciting new directions: studio furniture & sculpture; museum quality textile art & wearables; paintings and prints, including work from a group of the most talented print artists in the Northwest; wood fired ceramics from the finest potters in America; and unique jewelry creations from the US and abroad.  

The Gallery has a longstanding reputation for excellence with enthusiastic representation of over 100 artists and extraordinary client service.  Owner & Curator S. Swannack-Nunn, an avid art collector, lived and worked in Asia as a Fulbright scholar and on the staff of The World Bank. Gallery staff are artists with international backgrounds in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Gallery’s overall aesthetic is innovative design which is minimal, integrative with nature and respectful of long traditions in textile production, woodworking, painting/printmaking and ceramics. 

Located in downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island, Washington, for the past 18 years, in September 2020 the Gallery moved exclusively on line - now you can shop online with us anytime - and a studio/show room is planned for later in 2021.

Surviving the COVID19 pandemic has been difficult and heartbreaking for us all, but the Gallery is settling into its new configuration.  We are excited for the future, and hope you will enjoy seeing the art that our magnificent artists continue to create, featured not only in the Online Shop but in our Arts Scoops newsletters.  Do join us:  Subscribe to bring the comfort and joy of new, extraordinary art directly to your inbox, and visit our Shop anytime you like from the comfort of your home.  Our contact/online information remains the same; please see below, or the blog Profile.

For a little extra visual delight during this unusual but special season, please enjoy our Holiday Art Scoops 2020, #1-5, below! 


Holiday Art Scoops 2020, #1

Featuring Textile/Wearable Art from Maggy Pavlou, Carol Lee Shanks, Alexis Abrams, Bobbie Sumberg, Begona Rentero, Bryan & Maria Chapin-Cao, Christine Sundt; Ceramics: Wayne Branum, Delores Fortuna; Wood Sculpture/Utensils: Michael Alexander, Larry Roberts, Paul Flessner; Art Glass: Ted Jolda

Holiday Art Scoops 2020, #2

Featuring Textile/Wearable Art from Carter Smith, Maggy Pavlou, Mary Jaeger, Alicia Peru, Christine Sundt, Bara, Julie Powell, Laura Hunter; Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Isnia; Ceramics: Mitch Iburg, Wayne Branum, Jenny Andersen; Wood Furniture, Sculpture, Utensils: John Spivey, Paul Flessner, Tiplin Taylor

Holiday Art Scoops 2020, #3

Featuring Paintings/Prints from:  Irene Yesley, Kathryn Lesh, Pam Galvani, Jan Branham; Textile/Wearable Art:  Maggy Pavlou, Bobbie Sumberg, Carlo Scanagatta, Begona Rentero, Virginia Paquette, Lou Zeldis; Ceramics: Reid Schoonover; Wood and Metal Sculpture, Utensils: Alan Vogel, Bill Koss, Patrick Clanton, Tiplin Taylor; Art Glass: Ken & Ingrid Hanson


Holiday Art Scoops 2020, #4

Featuring Paintings/Prints from:  Irene Yesley, Jen Till, Warren Pollock; Textile/Wearable Art:  Alicia Peru, Betsy Giberson, Mary Jaeger, Bryan & Maria Chapin-Cao, Carlo Scanagatta, Begona Rentero, Christine L. Sundt, Maggy Pavlou; Ceramics: Robin Hominiuk, Jay & Karrie Stemmler, Wayne Branum; Wood Sculpture, Utensils: Scott Trumbo, Randy Acker, Tiplin Taylor, Bill Galvani

Holiday Art Scoops 2020, #5

Featuring Paintings/Prints from:  Jan Branham; Textile/Wearable Art:  Carol Lee Shanks, Laura Hunter, Carlo Scanagatta, Begona Rentero, Christine L. Sundt, Virginia Paquette, Candis Krummel, Tumar; Fiber Sculpture: Jackie Moseley; Art Glass:  Ken & Ingrid Hanson, K.T. Hancock; Wood/Utensils: Peter Nawrot, Wood slab, Vintage Furniture

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and our very best wishes to you all!


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