Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update: March Music

We've just confirmed that musician/singer/songwriter Peter Spencer will join us for this month's First Friday Artwalk!

Peter will perform a casual set, beginning around 6 pm this coming Friday, March 1st.  For more information on Peter, check out several of our earlier posts.

Please join us, have a sip of wine, and enjoy the mingling of art and music.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

March 2013 First Friday Artwalk: You're Invited!

Bonnets, Baskets and Beads
~  Hints of Spring  ~

March 1 - 31, 2013

Opening Reception First Friday, March 1st, 6-8 pm
Musical Performance To Be Announced

Images above, clockwise from left:
Duchess, Carol Campbell; Felted Wool Basket with Speckled Feathers, Doriane Nieburgs;
Ceramic Beads, Various Artists

As hints of spring appear, our thoughts turn toward lighter skies and remembered blossoms.
The Island Gallery presents a selection of luscious spring bonnets from Seattle artist Carol Campbell, fit for any Downton Abbey-style garden party; lightweight, whimsical felted wool baskets embellished with baubles and feathers by Doriane Nieburgs of Seattle; and necklaces featuring remarkable beads, including old trade beads and contemporary ceramic beads.
Highlights: New works from jewelry artists Virginia Paquette and Christine L. Sundt.

These and other wonderful pieces will soon be available in our web shop.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

VIDEO: Living With Art

Speaking of art and music:  the Gallery recently posted a YouTube video entitled The Island Gallery: Living With Art.  Great thanks to local musician/singer/songwriter Peter Spencer, who provided the video's background music.

You can view the video here.

March Music

Not to be coy about it, but we have a little music-something in the works here at the Gallery.  To Be Announced...

We're also hoping to present more wonderful live music in conjunction with the upcoming First Friday Artwalk, 6-8 pm on March 1st.  We'll post as soon as we have confirmation, hopefully early this week, along with March show information.

And after that, especially if you're a lover of the local music scene, stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

(Actually, that is being rather coy, isn't it?)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 2013 Gallery Picks

Valentine's Day is bearing down on us, which must mean it's time for this month's Gallery Picks!  If you're just joining us, welcome, and enjoy this monthly newsletter, created in hopes of providing a larger audience with the opportunity to better know the work of our fantastic artists.  Please scroll down to view examples of their art currently available in the Gallery and in our online shop.  For further information, click on the highlighted links to visit the individual items in our web shop.  And if you'd like reminders to pop up directly in your inbox, please send your e-mail address to to join our subscriber list. 

Pencil and pastel
Matted and framed
Dimensions:  29” x 36”

This is the second time we've featured Bainbridge Island artist Irene Yesley in our Gallery Picks, and for good reason: her work is contemporary and diverse in both medium, tone and subject matter.  Whether drawing muted forms in pencil and pastel on paper, layering brilliant fields of acrylic on board to create landscapes and walls of bold stripes, or offering exquisite control of reverse painting on stacked slices of Plexiglas to create 3-D effects, this artist keeps us interested, and thinking!

All of the wall art presently on view in our exhibit room comes from her studio.  Examples of her work can be viewed in our web shop under Visual Arts.  

Woven Cotton, Beaded

Dimensions10-1/2" l  x 7" w

Jaspe, the ancient traditional art of tying and dyeing patterns into the threads before weaving on a backstrap loom, has been a feature of Tzutujil Maya textile design for hundreds of years. These jaspe bags are inspired by the Guatemalan landscape of trembling volcanoes where the big cats still roam the forests.

Describing her passion for the art of her adopted homeland, Candis says:

I have thrived living on the shore of magical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for over 30 years. Enchanted by the splendor of the green volcanoes and the culture of the Tzutujil Maya, over time I became deeply immersed in the tradition of back-strap loom weaving and fascinated by the opportunities it offers for creative expression. Today, I am more than ever impressed with the infinite potential for design using this ancient loom...the mother of looms... given to Maya women by the Goddess Ixchel. 
I was fortunate to be asked to use my design and community development skills to work with women of the lowland Maya, who live in the endless forests of Quintana Roo, Mexico... Utilizing the women's ancestral skills, we were able to introduce finely-crafted accessories into the high-end tourist markets along Mexico's Caribbean coast.
(To read more, please visit our web shop under Textiles.)
The Gallery has maintained a long and active interest in sustaining textile traditions in countries like Indonesia; we are therefore delighted to introduce these beautiful accessories to our customers.

Dimensions: approximately 76” l x 38” w x 17” t (at greatest point)

This book-matched coffee table/bench is made from hand-cut Claro Walnut grown on the Patatucci farm in Carmichael, California.  While the Claro Walnut tree is known for its strong root system, an English Walnut graft was made, which can be seen on each end, to help produce good nuts.  The tree was cut and its wood air-dried for 35 years, then kiln-dried and made into this table in 2012.  Brian grew up on Bainbridge Island and like his artist parents, divided his time between Bainbridge and Alaska.  Brian has worked as a fisherman and shipwright and used his shipbuilding skills in creating this table using all wood construction.

We have photos of this extraordinary table in its various stages of production, which will be posted to the blog at some time.  To preview these images please contact the Gallery. 

Shino glaze

Dimensions:  12" in diameter x 1" deep

A new artist to the Gallery, Aaron was raised in Auburn, Washington.  It was not until the last semester of his Senior year at the University of Puget Sound that he was introduced to pottery.  Quickly drawn in by the wheel, Aaron appreciated the tangible results, and continued his pursuit of the art form, both at UPS and Green River Community College.  It was at Green River that he really started to get a feel for clay and high temperature gas firings.  In 2010 Aaron started working with Elinor Maroney at her Studio in Covington, Washington.  Aaron reports:

Elinor has been working in clay for 40 years and is a wonderful artist.  I have learned immensely from Elinor, and in turn I assist with the heavy lifting.  I am building a new soda kiln at the Studio, so we can start working with atmospheric glazing.

This plate is glazed with red shino, a type of high-fire glaze, which can be seen in white as well as orange-reds.  A highly varied glaze, the atmosphere impacts the final color that is achieved on the clay surfaces.

We are looking forward to receiving lots of Aaron's functional pieces for the home - plates, mugs, vases, sushi platters, French butter dishes, and more.  Check back here, where we will announce their arrival!
This plate can be viewed in our web shop under the new category, Ceramic Art, General.

Encaustic, diptych
Dimensions:  24” x 24” x 1.5”

Well, we did mention that Valentine's Day was imminent, didn't we?

We currently have four of Carrie's small encaustic pieces on view in the Gallery.  Come on in to see them, or visit them in the web shop for a vibrant visual treat!

Maple, Madrone Burl and Bubinga

Dimensions:  8” x 8” x 6-1/2" tall, with leg protrusions of 1-1/2” on either side

Fine furniture maker John Luke began woodworking as a part-time avocation three decades ago. After stress-related illness forced his early retirement, Luke began designing and building furniture 24/7. He says the process of starting with rough sawn lumber, bringing out the wood’s beauty and character and ultimately creating an attractive, functional piece provides a most satisfying pastime. “It keeps my mind and body active,” he says.  Clean, simple lines with a perfect balance of form and function best characterize John’s designs. Table, dresser, chair or one-of-a-kind jewelry boxes, he uses exposed joinery techniques and gives meticulous attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. He finishes each piece with low luster varnish or lacquer for maximum durability.

This piece is a good representation of John's designs: a lift-lid jewelry box with partitioned lower compartment and partitioned sliding drawer above, it is crafted in maple, madrone burl and bubinga.  It comes complete with Zen-like serenity, and would be a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for either Him or Her!

Dimensions:  16" x 44"

Pure Valentine's red, Carter recently sent us this wonderful scarf, personally signed by the artist.  The Gallery has delighted in his work for some time, and most recently we are enjoying his new designs that feature digital design elements and fabric printing.  Each of the patterns are photographed from one of Carter's "treasure pieces" (pieces of shibori art so intensely beautiful that he feels that they cannot be improved upon by using them in a garment).  The images are then edited by Carter, and produced in very small runs.  This is an amazing way to make museum quality work available for clothing.

Carter uses 100% silk (double georgette, chiffon, organza, or embroidered) in all his clothing and accessories, and all are made in the USA.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rockin' the House!

This past First Friday, February 1st, during the Artwalk, the Gallery and patrons enjoyed a rollicking evening of music and song, thanks to the talents of Bainbridge Island guitarist and singer/songwriter Peter Spencer, Seattle Symphony bassist Jonathan Greene, and singer Caleb Spencer.  Beginning with a tender instrumental run of Lennon-McCartney songs, including the beautiful yet seldom-performed "Yes It Is" and the more familiar "Across the Universe" and "Hey Jude", they turned up the heat to lay down take-no-prisoners versions of well-known blues and rock songs, including "Mercury Blues", as well as several of Peter's own compositions. 

The crowd stayed, rocked, enjoyed, bought Peter's CDs, and left with a unanimous request:  "Bring 'em back!  Soon!!"

We hope to do just that. 

Thanks to all who attended, family and friends, and to our wonderful performers, Peter, Jon and Caleb, for giving us a memorable evening while taking the roof off The Winslow!

How to keep posted:  If you're on our subscription list we'll automatically send you advance warning of the Gallery's next musical event.  If not, you can sign up and receive notices of all events, including sales and shows, by simply sending an e-mail to  And, of course, be sure to check back here often.

P.S.:  A dwindling supply of Peter's CDs is still available at the Gallery for $15.00 each.  Please contact the gallery at or 206.780.9500 to order or for further information.