Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 Gallery Picks Newsletter

Happy New Year!

We're ushering in the year with another selection of our artists' amazing work, including paintings, wearable art, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry.  For good measure, we want to make a connection with the previous blog post, which celebrates the accomplishments of several of our artists at a local statewide juried art competition (one of which took 1st Prize for 2-D art, by the way!  More about that later, and please take a look at the older post for info).

We hope you enjoy this selection, and be sure to click on the links, which will take you to our online shop for more information, and the artists' pages.

Oh, and don't forget about Valentine's Day - give the perfect gift:  Art!


Twitter.  Esperanza Grundy
Do you Tweet?

If so, you probably connect with the feelings evoked by this
acrylic and collage painting.

Images, bold and diaphanous, rush between
solid earth and fantasy sky in this provocative piece, detached
staccatos in a landscape of constant movement.  The colors are bright
and enticing, sometimes soothing, drawing the eye into a universe
of slightly contained chaos, just beyond one's true grasp.

See other works by this marvelous Seattle artist in the Gallery
or on her page here in the online shop.


Leap.  Alan Vogel

A piece of salvaged yellow cedar makes graceful art indeed. 

Buttery yellow cedar, minimally finished, reaches like an elegant tidal wave
from floor to above side-table height.  This is one of our favorite woods; with a
soft color and texture that is hard to find, it is considered one of the
finest timber trees in the world.

It is of interest to note that Yellow Cedar is actually the nickname of this
wood, its true name being Nootka Cypress after the First Nation Nootka people of
Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  (Western Red Cedar is also a cypress, incidentally.)
It has grown from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula to the Klamath Mountains in
 northernmost California.  The Caren Range on the west coast of British Columbia,
Canada, is home to the oldest Nootka Cypress specimens in the world,
with one found to be 1,834 years old.

Once abundant, extensive research has been conducted into large-scale
die-offs of yellow cedar stands.  Studies conclude that the tree
has depended upon heavy coastal snowpacks to insulate its
shallow roots from cold Arctic winters.  The impacts of climate
change have resulted in thinner, less persistent snowpacks, in turn
leaving the trees increasingly susceptible to freeze damage.

A look from above:

What can we say?
Soft flame.
Beautiful and fascinating.

See more of Alan's art here.


Juncture Cardigan, Muse Pants. Spirithouse

Elegant and stylish clothing, to be sure; but these pieces from
Katrin Noon For Spirithouse are also extremely comfortable
and perfect for travel and everyday wear.

See more from this line, plus full descriptions and size availability
of those shown above, by visiting the Spirithouse page
in our online shop, here.

Neoprene Necklace, Red and Black.  AR64

Shown above with the Spirithouse clothing, we're delighted
with these jewelry pieces from AR64 that are very modern, feminine and
romantic.  Lightweight and lacy, this piece combines soft plastics with even
softer neoprene beads for a lovely choker-style necklace.

Blue Topaz Stud Earrings.  Robin Hominiuk
They're baaaa-aack!

Just in, more of Robin's wonderful gemstone and
sterling silver post earrings.  These are blue topaz; we
also have a pair of very red garnets, and white topaz
(that look very much like diamonds.  Yum.)

(p.s.: Those ruby-red garnet earrings?  Think Valentine's Day...)


Martini Cup.  Robin Hominiuk

Speaking of Robin Hominiuk, who is a truly multi-talented artist,
and speaking of Valentine's Day, her wood-fired porcelain
martini cups are perfect little gifts.  The main danger with these
pretty things is falling in love with them yourself and
finding they never reach their intended destination.

Not a huge problem, however - we have a number
available at the moment and they are very nicely
priced, so buy two and toast your sweetheart.

By the way, these are pretty on the inside, too...

...and each is different, making them one-of-a-kind
works of art.

In conclusion, in honor of her recent 1st Prize entry at the
2015 Collective Visions Gallery statewide competition and exhibition,
here is another look at a wonderful piece by Bainbridge Island artist
Irene Yesley:

Sprite 2.  Irene Yesley
This lovely piece, which is water base and acrylic paint and gold leaf on
three layered pieces of plexiglas, is currently on display in the Gallery.
We featured it in our October Newsletter and Blog, and are delighted
to show it here again.  Because of the shadow effects created
by the layers, light becomes a major factor when viewing
these pieces - arguably a part of the art itself - and should be
seen in person to fully appreciate the beauty of the piece.

Please refer to the previous blog post for information on
the Collective Visions competition and exhibition.
Once again, our congratulations to Irene.

January 2015 is done!  Thanks for visiting, and please come back soon.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Congratulations to Our Artists: 2015 Washington State Juried Competition

Each year Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton, Washington, invites artists to participate in an annual statewide juried art competition and exhibition, The CVG Show.

Many community businesses and organizations join with Collective Visions to recognize and award substantial prizes to these fine artists.  From over 800 submissions, juror Greg Robinson, Executive Director and Curator of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, chose 126 entries to compete and exhibit.  Six of these artists are represented by The Island Gallery, including the 1st Prize Winner for 2 Dimensional Art, Irene Yesley of Bainbridge Island:

Irene Yesley, Wind.  Gold leaf, monoprint, on 3 layers of plexiglas
Mr. Robinson spoke at the reception and awards event on Saturday, January 24, held at the historic Admiral Theater in Bremerton.  In his lecture he explained the jury process and eloquently highlighted the many artist-participants whose work moved him, going beyond the actual winners of the competition.  This made for not only an educational evening but quite a heartwarming event, as Mr. Robinson demonstrated the extent to which artists and their art are encouraged and recognized throughout our State.  The exhibition itself is well curated and a must-see show. For an afternoon well spent, visit Collective Visions Gallery, 331 Pacific Avenue, Bremerton, Washington, on the corner of 4th and Pacific (1.360.377.8327).  Through February 28th.

Below:  Work chosen to participate in the competition and exhibition, 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Art categories, from The Island Gallery's artists:

Frank Carsey, Janus’ Sister Sally the Potter.  Soda-fired ceramic

Robin Hominiuk, Pod IXV.  Ceramic and metal

Renee Jameson, Awakening.  Monotype

Steve Sauer, Antebellum.  Wood-fired stoneware

To explore other work from these talented artists, visit us in person at The Island Gallery or enjoy our online shop.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year! January Sale Time


It's January of another year - 2015, no less (how did that happen) - which means it's time for the Gallery's annual sale.  Everything is on sale (with just a few exceptions in Furniture), at 10% off, and our expanded sale rack items are marked down even more.  We'll continue to add to the rack as the month goes on.

Beyond that, our focus this month is on coats, specifically comfy ones, and most specifically one that looks like this:

Maggy Pavlou's beautiful felted wool and silk "Pebbles" coat is just stunning,
with its color combos of purply-pinks, charcoal, grey, red and brown.
And check out those buttons!  Fab.

Here's a peek at a few more:

Carol Lee Shanks:

A red cashmere Nomad Coat, dramatic but soft
to the touch and with the artist's trademark use of selvage detailing.
Coziness - and style - personified.


Hand-painted and truly art-to-wear, one might call this
a "walking" coat - bold and so-so-sophisticated.

Katrin Noon for Spirithouse: 
This lightweight short coat is swingy and festive, with its
ruby tones and splashes of burgundy and coral.
Throw it on over black palazzo pants or skinny leggings, add that
amazing AR64 necklace, and you're off for a night at the opera!

These will all be up in the online shop shortly, so gallop on over to Textile & Fiber Art for more details.