Friday, March 27, 2015

You're Invited: April First Friday Artwalk - Gitana Fine Silver Trunk Show

April's First Friday Artwalk is almost upon us, and we have quite a treat in store for all fans of fine silver jewelry, or for anyone who knows someone who appreciates it and needs a gift, or for anyone, actually!  This two-day show is a do-not-miss event:

Trunk Show:
Gitana Fine Silver’s
Spring Collection

Featuring New Work from Jewelry Artist Agnes Seebass

April 3 – 4, 2015

First Friday, April 3rd, 6-8 pm
Saturday, April 4th, 10-6 pm

In concert, First Friday Artwalk:

Peter Spencer and Friends
Bainbridge Island’s Gitana Fine Silver presents its
Spring Collection of fine silver jewelry
by noted jewelers from Mexico and beyond.
Trunk Show - two days only. 

Also Featured in April: 
Indigo textiles by Rowland and Chinami Ricketts
New wood sculpture by Alan Vogel and Nathan Christopher
New Illuminated Sculpture by L. Wendy Dunder 
Lisa Wederquist paintings

Event Location:  The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way E., #120, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

For good measure, here's a brief preview of some of the stunning pieces we're going to see on Friday and Saturday:

These three necklaces are all sterling silver, created by Agnes Seebass.
Top left: Pod form pendant with handmade Viking weave chain, slide clasp.
Top right:  Hammer-faceted round form pendant with handmade Viking weave chain, slide clasp.
Bottom:  Circle pendant, with oxidized patterning and shading, inset jade stone center,
triple slender wire neckpiece, slide chain.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 2015 Gallery Picks Newsletter

Ahh, spring has arrived!  It's still chilly around here, though - and we hear rumors that other parts of the country are still in deep freeze mode - but with the occasional teaser of fabulous sunny weather and warmth.  Which means it's that interesting time of year where we all wonder, prior to leaving our warm houses, "What on earth shall I wear?"  Well, if you don't have this problem licked yet, we hereby offer suggestions, in the form of our new Spirithouse clothing line (read on).  Their spring and summer pieces are beginning to arrive, and they are stylish, well-priced, and meant for layering.  We have several pieces up in the online shop here, but there are more in the Gallery and on the way.  Stay tuned!

We also have received new work from some of our amazing artists, and share them with you below.  Don't forget to click on the links for each one to journey to the online shop for more information.


Undulation.  Renee Jameson
Recently a featured artist in the Collective Visions Gallery Statewide Competition,
Renee has brought us two new monotypes, which show the growth
of both her techniques and palette, with beautifully nuanced
expression and subject matter.  Undulation, shown above,
is the first of her grey tone pieces, and stunning it is.

For details on this painting, visit here.

Here's a bonus peek at her other new work:

Molten Sky.  Renee Jameson
 The color play here is bold, yet the artist
shows great restraint in its usage.  Note the masterful
transition in the upper part of the canvas from pale pink into
pale orange before giving way to the promised molten nature of
the sky at approximate center, drawing the eye fully into the
subject as only a well-composed piece can do, and
taking full advantage of contrast.

Questions have been raised by customers regarding the process
Renee uses, which is monotype.  Her works are not prints in the sense of
copies of an original piece of art, as each piece is one-of-a-kind.
They are also not monoprints. Here is a short description of the
distinctions between these two art forms:

Historically, the terms Monotype and Monoprint were often used interchangeably.
More recently, however, these now refer to very similar types of
printmaking which are somewhat different. Both involve the transfer of ink
from a plate to the paper, canvas, or other surface that will ultimately hold
the work of art.

In the case of a monotype, the plate is featureless. It contains no features
that will impart any definition to successive prints, as in etching or engraving
on a metal plate. In the absence of any permanent features on the surface
of the plate, all imagery is dependent on one unique inking,
resulting in one unique print.

A monoprint, on the other hand, refers to the results of plates
that have permanent features on them. Monoprints can be thought of as
variations on a theme, with the theme resulting from some permanent
features being found on the plate—lines, textures—that persist from print to print.
Variations are confined to those resulting from how the plate is inked
prior to each print. The variations are endless, but certain permanent features
on the plate will tend to persist from one print to the next.
A companion piece to her award-winning painting Wind,
Irene Yesley brings us this art work which expands on her process.
While in Wind she utilized a process involving painting with
water base and acrylic paint and gold leaf on layers of plexiglass,
she added monotype as the final layer of Wind 2.  This can
be seen as a background of pale branches, over which swirl
the golden-leafed currents.

Irene's extraordinary paintings in this style have a distinct 3-D
quality to them, casting shadows from all layers on the
surfaces beneath that change constantly with the direction of the light.  

Dreamcatcher.  Esperanza Grundy
Warm and vibrant, Esperanza Grundy's Dreamcatcher
is a delightful eyeful!  Executed in her familiar acrylic collage style,
which gives a sense of depth and texture, this is a perfect small piece
to brighten a corner of a room, or complement a bright area,
perhaps by a garden window.

See more of Esperanza's complex and pleasing works here, as
well as a description of her technique and process.

How sweet is this?

Nathan's trademarks of clean lines with the inevitable homage
to his rustic and sustainable sensibilities are readily visible in
this charming piece.  It is created from maple burl, minimally
finished, with striking legs and a youthful personality.

This would make a perfect side table or small tea or coffee table;
even a seat!  The light, beautifully grained wood has a modern feel but
would easily tone into a more traditional setting.

To see more of Nathan's furniture or sculpture, click on the links.

Nathan currently has several pieces on loan to the Bainbridge
Island Museum of Art in their current exhibition, The Art of Furniture 1,
along with our other Gallery artists Chris Mroz, Alan Rosen, Donald Smith,
Howard Todd, and Alan Vogel.  If you're in the area, be sure to pay the museum a visit.
It is rather awesome!

Ah, yes; THIS is what we're talking about.
Add a sleek top or camisole for an elegant, yet practical, ensemble.

Spirithouse continues to entrance us with their easy to wear,
layering, travel-friendly, stylish, beautifully cut and drape-y clothing,
and the wonderful fabrics they choose.

Now that we've paused to take a breath, we can also add
that their pieces are well-priced, made in the US,
and we love them.

Here's a cross-section of what's here or on its way:

Have fun checking out these terrific pieces.
In the meantime, we're working on getting the new pieces in the online shop as
soon as we can, but please don't hesitate to call us or stop in to
see everything currently available.
(Need we add:  these tend to fly away rather quickly!)

Over the last several years we have spent so many hours raving about
Begona Rentero's brilliant pieces of art that it's hard to believe there
can be more to rave about.  But what an artist she continually
proves herself to be!  We suspect we will be hoarse from raving
about her for many years to come.

These earrings, for example, are thrilling, and are part of her new collection, 
Feeding from the Fountain of Italian Renaissance.
As noted above, they are a nod to Leonardo da Vinci, as is this necklace:

Necklace Leonardo da Vinci.  Begona Rentero
Both are created of paper and 24k gold, available in the light
sand color shown.  Lightweight, beautiful, serene.

Other Renaissance artists represented in the collection include Rafael,
with this splendid necklace:

Necklace Rafael Sanzio.  Begona Rentero
Shown in copper; also available in chestnut (a dark reddish-brown)
and terra cotta (a soft coral blush).  Earrings to match.

These pieces are on their way to us and are available for pre-order in the
Gallery or the online shop here, along with many of her other pieces.

Thanks once again for visiting our blog!  We'll be back in April with more beautiful things to share with you.  In the meantime, if you'd like to have our e-card announcing Newsletter postings delivered directly to your inbox, send us a note at sr [at] theislandgallery dot net.  We'll put you on our mailing list.

Here's to lovely Spring!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

Let's celebrate Pi Day with Lou Zeldis and one of his wonderful hand-drawn wall-hanging batiks:

Pi.  Batik on cotton.  Lou Zeldis

Here's a closer look at the upper left top:

We've run out the numbers and he is completely accurate throughout the piece!

Available in the Gallery, and soon in our online shop.