Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beau Metro Quartet: Save the Date

As promised, here's an early reminder that the Beau Metro Quartet will be playing Viola Quintets from Beethoven, Bruckner and Brahms at The Island Gallery on Father's Day, Sunday, June 16, 2013.  

The concert begins at 3:00 pm.  Tickets are available in advance or at the door, and are $15.00 apiece.  Please call the Gallery at 206.780.9500 or e-mail ssn@theislandgallery.net for reservations.  Seating is limited.

We are delighted to welcome back these fabulous musicians!

May 2013 Gallery Picks Newsletter

May is settling in nicely here on Bainbridge Island, blossoms popping everywhere in their welcome arrays of soon-to-be-summer color.  We've even spotted some here in the Gallery, so we feel we must share these new glorious pieces of art with you in our monthly Gallery Picks Newsletter.

For more information on each item, click on its title; you will be transported, web-style, to our online shop.  Or wander into the Gallery for the real-life, close-up experience!

So... what were we saying about blossoms...

This hanging lamp, made of bent wood and layers of tissue paper,
is simply delightful, bringing the glowing beauty of summer nasturtiums
right into your home.
We have several other new lamps as well, including a colorful
sconce, and always welcome commission requests. 

Silk Batik Reverse Applique

 An amazing creation from Isnia, this striking silk batik reverse applique
wallhanging is a vibrant depiction of the Four Elements on one side, and a
cooler expanse of what might be aquatic blooms on the other.  It is part
of the current Isnia exhibition on display at the Gallery.
Unfortunately, we're down to the last few days of this gorgeous show;
the pieces will come down next weekend.  Their next stop is Leipzig, Germany,
where they will be displayed in a museum.

The perfect wrap, this clever sleeved poncho is hand-knit from linen
and rayon yarns.  It goes beautifully with just about any outfit you fancy -
over jeans, perhaps, or a lightweight dress.  We've paired it here with
Carol Lee Shanks' deep purple crinkle silk tunic dress and skirt, perfect
 for a cool lady on a warm summer night, and draped it with two silk
batik beaded textile necklaces from Isnia's Red Lotus jewelry line.

We admit it.  We are infatuated with our recent Carter Smith arrivals.
And they've become so popular that we can barely keep them
photographed and posted in the shop.  Carter's artistry is in
full bloom in this incredible silk chiffon shibori scarf in tones of
purple, fuschia, navy blue, and copper.  Drape this over a white
or cream top and see how far you can go without drawing admiring
stares and compliments!  Of course, don't fret if purple isn't in your
color-scheme of things:  simply click on the link above, head
over to the Gallery's online shop, and you'll see many
different sizes and colors, with more to come.
Oh, and you might want to hold onto your heart!

A remarkable sculpture by Vashon Island artist Eric Nelsen.
Eric's intricate wood-fired pieces sometimes defy the laws of gravity
while drawing one's eye to every nook and cranny, each element
begging to be explored and contemplated by the viewer.  The effects
of the wood kiln (anagama) add to the "ancient artifact" quality of his work,
painstakingly executed in clay and flame, its very survival in the five-day firing
an amazing accomplishment, and a tribute to the artist. 

Silk Batik Mini-Scarf, Pinks.  Red Lotus for Isnia

We mentioned Isnia's silk batik textile jewelry line above; here's a closer look.
They are made from silk that has been hand-batiked in Isnia's Yogyakarta, Java,
studio, which is then sewn into various styles and embellished with gemstones,
freshwater pearls and tiny Delicata beads, as well as other delightful textile elements,
like silk-covered wooden beads.  They come in a variety of styles and lengths,
including multi-strand mini-scarves that can be tossed saucily over the
shoulders for a look that would make Isadora Duncan drool.

Eggshell Bowl #3.  Robin Hominiuk

A glowing Eggshell!
 This tiny wood-fired bowl is made of porcelain and rests in its own
rustic nest (wood-fired stoneware), happy to sit near you and
simply radiate light.  We have just received three of these
lovely sculptures, each a bit different in size and coloration,
all beautiful.  The exterior shows the warm touch of the
kiln's fire; the interior surprises, with a touch of rosy color and
a cheerful puddle of blue-green crackle glaze.

These are wonderful!  Simple, at first glance, but  they are more complex in design
than one might think, and at two and a half inches long make quite a statement.
(They also whimsically remind us of either errant UFOs or our local
landmark and beloved icon, the Seattle Space Needle!)
Sterling silver, delicately hammered, on secure posts, they are just dazzling.
(We actually think they'd like to escape, and zip around the skies at night;
either that, or visit the Needle for dinner with their Very Best Friend...)

This summer promises to be exciting, including the return of the Beau Metro Quartet to the Gallery in June!  We'll be posting reminder notices about that, and more, soon.  If you'd like to receive a reminder e-card directly in your inbox to let you know what's happening at the Gallery, simply send your e-mail address to sr@theislandgallery.net and we'll sign you up.  Otherwise, you can add us to you RSS feed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day: Perfect Gifts

No pressure, but yes, it's just around the corner.

We're referring to Mother's Day, a special day that urges us to treat our dear Moms extra-specially.  (One might argue that this should apply to every day of the year!  We endorse this position in our own families, with varying results.)  But after all these years of presents and presentations, from kindergarten refrigerator paintings through soon-dead potted plants to the obligatory breakfasts in bed or Mimosa-laced brunches, who can blame us for running out of gift-giving steam, fervor, inspiration?  For sweating through indecision as the clock ticks and the icy finger of guilt turns slowly in our direction?

You will find no hint of blame-mongering here, dear friends; hopefully, we can offer a little inspiration.

For example, when we look for gift-giving inspiration, for some reason the name Carter Smith always comes up. 

Did someone ask why that is?  Well, let's see...

Oh, that's right, because his silk shibori scarves are fabulous and everyone loves them!  Here are a few more close-ups:

Gem-tone colors, daring patterns, flowing fabric - these are all trademarks of Carter's incomparable artistry.  In addition, many of his scarves are priced in the highly affordable $40.00 - $120.00 range, so they're perfect for gift-giving.  We have a wide selection in the Gallery and in our web shop; come on in or click on the individual links above to view these extraordinary pieces and more, and for further information.

Inspired?  We hope so.  We're rooting for you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Special Sale: Maple Table Slabs

This almost never happens:  The wood artist who creates many of our live-edge slabs has authorized a one-time only, over 50% price reduction on two of his fabulous maple tabletops.

Live-edge Maple, 75" long x 33" wide x 2" thick

Both gorgeous pieces are currently marked down from $2,850.00 to $1,200.00.  The price is for the tabletop slab only; your choice of legs may be purchased separately.  For further information, shipping estimates or more photos, please contact the Gallery at ssn@theislandgallery.net or sr@theislandgallery.net.