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Gallery Picks Newsletter, December 2017

Happy Holidays, and a very special one it is for all of us here at The Island Gallery.  This month we are celebrating our 15th anniversary.

From the tiniest, narrowest, off-the-beaten-path retail space in town we have grown into a beautiful two-showroom gallery in the heart of Bainbridge Island, smack-dab in the midst of one of the country's most vibrant art communities.  It has been a marvelous ride.  And the work we are able to present, thanks to a brilliant stable of artists and our owner's discerning and bold curatorial style, is better and better all the time.  So here in our Holiday Newsletter we would like to give you a look at some of these latest offerings, including suggestions for gifts for everyone on your shopping list.  Please enjoy, and here's to you, our dedicated customers, with warm wishes for the happiest of holidays!

(For more information on the items shown below, please click image or text)

It's the time of year when everyone's busy, and a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.
Throughout this post we're going to follow those sage words and let the art do the talking -
right after we introduce our newest textile artist:

Already an accomplished artist, Jan Badgley has
expanded on her background in painting and interior design to become a
clothing designer whose playful pieces function as wearable art.  Her medium
for these creations, felted wool, is a favorite for those seeking one-of-a-kind,
ultra-stylish yet cozy clothing and accessories, featuring minimum weight and
maximum wearability, comfy in all climates and situations, to
dress up or dress down and - so attractive to us here in the
Pacific Northwest - great for layering.

Following in the tradition of her friend and mentor, Barbara de Jounge, Jan
embraces the Japanese design aesthetics of simplicity, asymmetry, understatement
and freedom from formula.  Each of Jan’s designs brings together strong graphic
elements and functional fashion. Jan uses simple materials and shibori techniques,
folding and unfolding felted wool as the wool contracts and expands. She delights in
exploring the many possibilities of the sewing machine, thread and yarn.

As Jan notes:

Translating my background in painting to clothing is an exciting challenge.
I follow in the tradition of Barbara de Jounge and the Japanese aesthetic.
Using the simple materials of felted wool and shibori techniques, I am unfolding
as the wool contracts. The sewing machine, thread and yarn have many possibilities.
My favorite quote is by the artist Francis Picabia: “your head is round so your
thinking can change direction.” This flexibility in attitude keeps life
interesting and renewing.

Long-time Gallery visitors might remember the work of Jan's mentor,
Barbara de Jounge, one of our more popular textile artists over the years,
who sadly passed away several years ago.  If so, you will no doubt
have your memory jogged in a most delightful way when you see Jan's work!
But you will also see that even as she honors Barbara's creative legacy and
sensibilities, her vibe is distinctly her own.  Arguably, she takes her designs another
step or two further along the road of refined cut and panache.  The pure joyous
vibrancy, for example, of Jan's "Strings" necklaces gels beautifully
with all her pieces and, like any good String, ties them together,
showing a sophistication that turns simple creations
into must-have accessories.

At this time of year, any of Jan's pieces make excellent gifts, even
for that special someone who insists she has absolutely everything!
We suspect she will make room in her closet for one or two of these.
(A little more about that below.)
See Jan's pieces at her Artist Pages, here.

Please enjoy the rest of our gift-giving suggestions as we take
you on this Holiday Tour!

Just arrived, from her latest collection

Agnieszka Kulon for Kreatia, Red Coat

Left:  Mary Jaeger:  Accordion BonBon Scarves, silk shibori

These scarves are brand new, and stunning!

On in beautiful grey-tones on the left, a tempting basket of warmth on the right.

Linda McCord Hats

Super cute hats 
from Linda McCord

From David.Bali
Right:  Pria
A hand-stamped batik shirt or light jacket
for men or women.
Cool and comfy, great for travel.
Indigo and white.

What fun, and great gifts under $40.00 for women, men and teens:
Appearing on this Tee, our very first, is the image of a dear friend, Eva Funderburgh's
cheery Swimming Beast, one of her remarkable wood fired sculptures.


Modern styling from a designer of pearl jewelry whose exquisite
hand-knotting is truly a sight to behold.

Extraordinary paper jewelry that still takes our breath away!



Right: Aluminum Dangles,
Three Styles

And below:
A gorgeous mabe pearl necklace!
Creations in merino wool.
(See individual items here.)


Because It's the Holidays: 
Special vessels, to sip wassail...

 ...To light up with candles...

...To adorn with red roses...

Dave Berfield Vase
(Is that an elephant we see there...)

...To share with Feathered Friends...

Chris Thompson, New Birdhouses

...Oh, here's a Feathered Friend now...

Bill Galvani, Long-Billed Curlew

...To dine and entertain with family and guests...

Mysteria Table, Gallery Collaboration
Sean Carleton, Coffee Table
...To help pull the Sleigh (perhaps)...

Spirit of the Woolly Mammoth, Western Red Cedar Slab/Room Divider

...To shine a little light on the situation...

...To Deck the Halls and Walls...

...To Snuggle with by an Open Fire...


...To see things Upon a Midnight Clear....

Larry Roberts
Handheld Mirrors


Felted Wool

Left:  An assortment
Right:  Rice Paddle

Strings Necklaces

Also falling into this $30 and under category: let's take another look at Jan Badgley's Strings, as a reminder that these wonderful soft felted wool necklaces can be worn singly or piled high, one color at a time, or in a rainbow!  It's entirely up to you.  But what great gifts!

Thanks so much for visiting us, and once again we wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays!

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